Police succeed in the face of ‘bandits’ terror in Nigeria, rescued 187 kidnapped people including young children

नाइजीरिया में 70 बच्चे हुए आजाद, बंदूकधारियों ने स्कूल पर हमला कर किया था किडनैप, सभी परिवार के पास पहुंचे

Abducted People Released in Nigeria

Nigerian Police Free 187 Hostages: At least 187 people, including children, have been rescued from kidnappers in the northern part of Nigeria. Police has given this information. In a statement, Jamfara police spokesman Mohamed Shehu said Nigerian security forces had freed hostages from a forest in Zamfara Kidnappings. He said that these hostages were released unconditionally, indicating that no ransom was paid for it.

Shehu said the hostages in Jamfara were freed on Thursday as a result of an extensive search and rescue operation. According to security experts, these people were abducted by armed dacoits (Nigeria Kidnapping for Ransom). In Jamfara state, extensive security measures including shutdown of mobile phone networks and restrictions on gatherings and movements have helped in this work. Shehu further said, “The new security measures in the state have yielded tremendous results, as they have successfully rescued hundreds of abducted victims, and they (victims) have gone to their respective families.”

Bandits attack villages and schools

Kidnapping of people has become a common occurrence in Nigeria. Its victims are mostly young children, who are picked up from schools. These men are taken by local bandits, called bandits, with them for ransom and for work in remote forests. These criminals come on motorcycles (Nigeria News About Kidnapping). They also have other deadly weapons including guns. Bandits often target villages and schools. Apart from kidnapping, these people also commit murder, rape and theft.

Criminals have better weapons than the army

The government has had to close schools on a large scale in the country. It is said that the government runs operations against them with the help of police and army, but despite this it is unable to stop them completely. This is because their number is in the thousands. They also attack police and army positions (Abduction in Nigeria). Surprisingly, these criminals have better weapons than the soldiers. In June this year, bandits shot down a military fighter plane in Jamfara.

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