PM Modi will reach the White House again, then Pakistan’s PM Imran Khan is still waiting for Biden’s first call

पीएम मोदी फिर पहुंचेंगे व्‍हाइट हाउस तो पाकिस्‍तान के पीएम इमरान खान को अब तक है जो बाइडेन की पहली कॉल का इंतजार

Pak PM Imran Khan believes that the relationship between America and Pakistan does not last on any phone call. But they forget that for the last 15 years no American President has visited Pakistan.

Pakistan PM Imran Khan is still waiting for Biden’s phone call.

Modi in US: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has reached America on a three-day official visit. On September 24, PM Modi will meet US President Joe Biden. Preparations have started for another meeting of the US President and Indian PM in the White House.

There is a lot of stir in the neighboring country of Pakistan regarding this US visit of PM Modi. It is also bound to happen because so far Pakistan PM Imran Khan is waiting for the first phone call from US President Biden. Imran criticized the US government on the withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan and then also took a U-turn. But nothing worked and he has not been contacted by the Biden administration yet.

Imran said – Biden is very busy

It’s been nine months since Joe Biden took office on January 20, and he reached the White House. Even after this, no phone call has been made to Imran from the Biden administration till now. Recently, when Imran gave an interview to CNN, he was also asked a question related to it. On this, he said with annoyance, ‘He is a very busy person.’

However, Imran believes that the relationship between America and Pakistan does not last on any phone call. But they forget that for the last 15 years no American President has visited Pakistan.

Bush was the last president to visit Pakistan

George Bush Jr went on a tour of Pakistan in March 2006. Bush had come to India at that time and after sealing the historic nuclear deal here, one day reached Pakistan to return. At that time Pervez Musharraf was the head of Pakistan and he had warmly welcomed him. But after Bush’s visit, Pakistan is waiting when an American President will visit his country.

Prime Minister Imran Khan is also worried, when will an American President come to his country now. On January 27, 2015, when the then US President Barack Obama finished his second visit to India, NPR Radio of America had said, “President Obama has just finished visiting India, after which the Pakistanis will just be looking at their visitors’ book.” . There is annoyance among the people that Obama went to Delhi twice and only passed through Pakistan.

Only five presidents reached Pakistan

So far there have been only five such US Presidents who have visited Pakistan. At the same time, the rulers of Pakistan have visited America 42 times since the year 1947 i.e. independence. The US President has reached Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore on his tours. This means that only after every 14 years, Pakistan is given an opportunity from the White House to make preparations for the visit of the US President.

The most interesting thing is that whenever a US President visited Pakistan, every time the military ruler would rule there. Dwight Eisenhower was the first US President to visit Pakistan. When Eisenhower of the Republican Party went to Pakistan in 1959, General Ayub Khan was the President of the country at that time. According to experts monitoring the politics of Pakistan, the way Ayub Khan welcomed the President with a smile, he was giving a new message to the world.

Clinton went to Pakistan after 31 years

Lyndon Johnson was the second US President after Eisenhower to visit Pakistan and on 23 December 1967 he visited Pakistan. Johnson was welcomed in Karachi. Richard Nixon was the third President after Johnson to visit Pakistan. Nixon was on a tour of India from July 31 to August 1, 1969 and from here he reached Pakistan. From August 1 to August 2, Nixon was welcomed by Yahya Khan in Lahore.

After Nixon, Bill Clinton went on a tour of Pakistan. Clinton visited Pakistan on 25 March 2000 and was received by President Rafeel Tarar and then Army Chief General Pervez Musharraf. Bill Clinton also visited India first and then reached Pakistan from here. Bill Clinton became the President to visit Pakistan after 31 years.

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