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Peace talks signal the end of the war, Russia has stopped the attack and Ukraine has accepted neutrality

Russia Ukraine War: Russia’s Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu has said that Ukraine’s military capability has dropped drastically in a month and with this Russia has completed the first phase of military operation in Ukraine with its goal.

Russian soldiers.

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Turkey (Turkey) in the city of Istanbul of Russia-Ukraine (Russia-UkraineToday again talks were held between the representatives of After this conversation, both the countries have given positive messages. According to Reuters, in this meeting, Russia promised to slow down military operations on the Ukrainian capital Kyiv and other major city Chernihiv, while Ukraine has agreed to accept the offer of neutrality with international guarantees. Ukraine’s negotiators made a statement after the meeting that they had proposed a status quo in which it would not join any coalition and would not host foreign forces on its soil. But in return, he will have to guarantee security under Article 5.

However, the two countries did not show any warmth when the meeting started earlier. The delegates did not even shake hands. The two sides have met face to face for the first time in Istanbul. Before the meeting in Istanbul, Russian President Vladimir Putin was furious over a handwritten letter from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and gave a warning saying ‘Tell Zelensky that I will ruin it.’ Actually, Zelensky wrote a note to Putin asking him to end the war without any conditions. He had sent this note to the Kremlin officials through the owner of Chelsea Football Club, Roman Abramovich.

Ukraine’s military capability declined: Russia

According to The Times report, Russian President Putin was furious after reading the note and told Abramovich to tell him, I will completely destroy him. The Russian President said that Zelensky accepts all our conditions, otherwise the result will be bad. Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu has said that Ukraine’s military capability has dropped significantly in a month and with this Russia has completed the first phase of military operation in Ukraine with its target. It is being told that Russia has now started regrouping its army once again between the border of Chernobyl and Belarus. After this he can start the second phase of attack on Ukraine.

Said this thing about nuclear attack

However, even before this, Russia has once again started adopting a tough attitude. Russia has warned that if NATO countries supply aircraft and air defense systems to Ukraine, Russia will respond accordingly. Shoigu has said that Russia’s main objective is the independence of the Donbass region. In an interview to the media, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov has uncovered the suspense regarding the nuclear attack on Ukraine. Russia has said that it will not use nuclear weapons on Ukraine. Even whatever the outcome of the Russo-Ukraine war, there will be no nuclear attack on Ukrainian soil. Russia will use these weapons only when there is a threat to the existence of Russia. It is believed that this is Putin’s direct warning to NATO countries and America.

Western countries are constantly claiming that Putin’s army is continuously suffering in the Ukraine war. Especially the American missiles getting to Ukraine are causing great destruction. In whose fury, Russia can directly drop atom bombs. But the Kremlin has made it clear that this is not in its policies. He can use nuclear power. But the war with Ukraine could not be the reason for this.

How much did Ukraine suffer in the war?

Today is Ukraine’s 34th day of war and Ukraine has been continuously releasing details of the losses caused to the Russian army in the war. But Russia has also released the details of how much damage was done to Ukraine. Russia has claimed that so far its army has shot down 123 aircraft and destroyed 74 fighter helicopters. Apart from this, 309 unmanned aircraft have also been shot down. Which is a big loss for Ukraine. Apart from this, 172 multiple launch rocket systems of Ukraine, 1568 special military automotive equipment, 721 field artillery and mortars were destroyed. Russia claims that Russia has also destroyed 1721 tanks and other armored vehicles of Ukraine.

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