Pakistan’s friendship and investment in Afghanistan will be heavy for China

चीन को पाकिस्तान की दोस्ती और अफगानिस्तान में निवेश भारी पड़ेगा

China is already worried about the Uighur Muslims and the Turkestan Islamic movement. Afghanistan also shares its border with Xinjiang province. And given the consequences of the US and the Soviet Union in Afghanistan, China may back down. Under these circumstances, it is doubtful that China will soon invest heavily in Afghanistan.

Will investing in Afghanistan put China in trouble?

Afghanistan (Afghanistan) now in power of the Taliban (Taliban) is the secret. The homecoming of the US Army and NATO forces has created a storm in the politics of Afghanistan. Will the Afghan people be able to see happiness, peace and prosperity under Taliban rule? What is the future of Afghanistan? As soon as the Taliban took power in Afghanistan on August 15, the Taliban have to be a victim of factionalism within themselves. Each faction wants to take the reins of power, which points to the possibility of a bloody conflict in the future. Even after getting power, the chances of Taliban enjoying the pleasures of power are slim. The troubled economy, mutual distrust, factionalism and international pressure for human rights are the biggest concerns for the Taliban.

The power of Afghanistan has always been a struggle and this time the power of Afghanistan changed at a time when the whole world is battling the Corona infection. The economy of every country in the world is affected today due to the Corona epidemic. Unfortunately, the Taliban was gifted an empty vault with power. The neighboring country of terrorism, Pakistan itself is living a life of credit. In these circumstances, the so-called moneylender friend of Pakistan to the Taliban, China is now looking like a new bride. But in the Talibani mood, there is less household and more chances of divorce.

China is becoming the biggest ally of the Taliban

Pakistan, becoming the crutch of its economy, is projecting China as the biggest ally and well-wisher of the Taliban. Moneylender China has also announced a large amount of aid to Afghanistan. There is curiosity about this role of China all over the world. There are speculations that this time Afghanistan will be full of Chinese investments. But at what cost will this aid be given and what price Afghanistan will have to pay for this, only the future can tell.

So far, China has shown more interest in geo-politics than on Afghanistan’s geo-politics, but in the coming days, naturally China will take interest in Afghanistan’s geo-politics as well. Afghanistan will be a major part of China’s Pakistan-centric plan to encircle India. Many believe that China will definitely intervene economically in Afghanistan. Afghanistan will play an important role in China’s Belt and Road planning. It is said that moneylender China never gives charity, it gives loan in the name of charity on its own selfish terms.

A research by research organization Fitch Solutions has said that in the next two to three years, the economy of Afghanistan may shrink by up to 10 percent. The basic services of the country are already crumbling. Soon there will be a huge demand for funding in Afghanistan, and only then will the real game of China begin. Meanwhile, Western donors have begun sanctioning the country instead of recognizing the Taliban. India has provided significant assistance to the US-backed Afghan government. India has invested about 3 billion rupees in the infrastructure sector of Afghanistan. Naturally his relationship with the Taliban will not be easy. As a result, China is the only alternative to the Taliban.

The people of Afghanistan do not accept the presence of foreign power.

Analysts say that until political stability is achieved in Afghanistan, any type of economic capital investment can be a loss-making deal and China knows this very well. Therefore, China will not invest heavily in Afghanistan overnight. Recently, there has been an increase in attacks on Chinese infrastructure in Pakistan due to religious fanaticism. The latest attack took place in August, it is a historical fact that the people of Afghanistan cannot accept the presence of any foreign power in the country.

Analysts believe that China will not make major investments on Afghan soil yet. For this, China will have to wait at least 2 to 3 years. There are also many sub-groups within the Taliban. There are differences between them too. In many areas, these subgroups enjoy considerable autonomy. This is the reason, Chinese investments in Afghanistan will not be very safe. The Taliban have no control over at least 40 million such people in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan’s Mineral Resources

Afghanistan is rich in mineral resources. According to a geological survey in the United States, Afghanistan’s current mineral reserves include 60 tonnes of copper, 2.2 billion tonnes of iron ore, 1.4 million tonnes of the rare earth mineral-lithium, 1.7 billion barrels of crude oil, 1.7 billion feet of natural gas, 500 million barrels Liquefied natural gas exists. In 2008 a group of Chinese companies began work on the largest copper project in Afghanistan, but today, 13 years later, work on that project has not been completed due to security, corruption and infrastructural constraints. While there is a reserve of 11.6 million tonnes of copper, which is worth 10 trillion.

Due to the difficult terrain of Afghanistan, lack of electricity, lack of roads and rail connectivity, exploitation of the country’s mineral resources has not been possible. Nevertheless, China has attempted to invest in Afghanistan in the past, as it has done in Sudan and Congo. In fact, China has not been able to take advantage of Afghanistan in the past due to America’s presence in Afghanistan. The same could happen in Afghanistan as it happened in the reconstruction of Syria, that is, more thunder but less rain.

How safe is it for China to invest in Afghanistan

China is already worried about the Uighur Muslims and the Turkestan Islamic movement. Afghanistan also shares its border with Xinjiang province. And given the consequences of the US and the Soviet Union in Afghanistan, China may back down. Under these circumstances, it is doubtful that China will soon invest heavily in Afghanistan.

The land of Afghanistan has always been of conflict. The bloody game for power has been going on here for centuries. Analysts believe, if China exports its weapons to Afghanistan, then it will prove to be very fatal for China. According to SIPRI, from 2016 to 2020, 38 percent of China’s arms exports were to Pakistan, 17 percent to Bangladesh and 8.2 percent to Algeria. The number of countries exported by China has also increased from 40 countries during the five-year period from 2010 to 2014 to 53 countries from 2015 to 2019.

China’s credibility has decreased due to Corona

China’s credibility has decreased in the world regarding Corona, if China supplies any kind of weapon to Afghanistan, it will encourage terrorism in this region and the world. In this situation, China may have to face the boycott of Chinese goods in the world market.

China should understand that terrorism has always been the enemy of progress, humanity and the market system. The father of terrorism and the fostering of Pakistan’s friendship will surely cost China one day. India can become an ally of China in the world market, it is necessary that China will have to improve mutual relations with India.

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