Pakistan: PM Imran Khan now sought help from Bill Gates for Afghanistan, said – the country is in dire need of humanitarian aid

Pakistan: पीएम इमरान खान ने अब अफगानिस्‍तान के लिए मांगी बिल गेट्स से मदद, कहा-देश को मानवीय सहायता की सख्‍त जरूरत

PM Imran has told Bill Gates that Afghanistan needs help.

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan is very worried for Afghanistan. Troubled Imran has now sought help from Microsoft founder and billionaire Bill Gates. Imran has sought this help to provide humanitarian aid to Afghanistan. Kabul was captured by the Taliban on 15 August and since then there are reports that the country is in dire need of help.

According to the news that is coming, Imran has spoken to Gates on the phone. Gates is currently the co-chairman of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. During this, Imran also discussed the ongoing efforts to eliminate polio. Along with this, he also talked about the improving situation of nutrition in Pakistan and the ongoing help from the foundation for financial services. A statement has been issued by Imran’s office in this regard.

people living below poverty line

According to Pakistan’s Geo TV, on a telephone conversation on October 5, PM Imran Khan told Bill Gates that more than half of the population in the war-torn country Afghanistan is living below the poverty line. They are in dire need of financial assistance. According to the PM’s office, Imran has talked about the health system of Afghanistan. At the same time, he believes that there is still a threat of polio in the world in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

talks with the Taliban

Imran had said in an interview recently that the best way for peace and stability in Afghanistan is simply through talks with the Taliban. Also, talks with the Taliban are the only option for women’s rights and running the government in a special way. He said that the Taliban needed to give some time. At the same time, he did not forget to say that if the Taliban does not get help, then a situation of unrest can arise.

talk of working with the Taliban

In the words of Imran, ‘Taliban has occupied the whole of Afghanistan and now it will have to go along with the government here, together with them and take all the factions along. There may be peace in Afghanistan after 40 years. But if something goes wrong and we are worried about it, then everything will be disturbed. The biggest human rights crisis is going to arise here, a big refugee crisis is about to come.

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