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Pakistan Imran Khan: Imran Khan’s biggest test, army and allies left together, know what is happening in Pakistan in 10 points

Pakistan Imran Khan No-Trust Vote: The fear of the fall of the government of Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has intensified. The opposition has brought a no-confidence motion against him.

Political crisis deepens on Imran Khan

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Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan (Pakistan PM Imran Khan) is facing the worst phase in his political career. No-confidence motion brought against him by the opposition (No-Confidence MotionBut voting will take place on 3rd April. For this, neither the country’s army is standing with Imran Khan nor many allies of his own coalition government. Imran Khan’s hold on the PM’s chair is getting weaker. Let us now in 10 points the continuing political turmoil in Pakistan (Pakistan Political Crisis) to understand.

  1. Reasons related to the no-confidence motion- Pakistan’s opposition claims that Imran Khan has failed to work as PM. After his tenure, inflation has increased in the country, economic management has not been done properly and the country’s resources have been misused against political opponents. For this reason the opposition had to bring a no-confidence motion against Imran Khan. The United Opposition (a coalition of Pakistan’s opposition parties) claims that Khan has lost the majority needed to continue as PM.
  2. Pakistan’s army pulled hands – Till now it has been believed that Pakistan’s army is behind Imran Khan’s becoming the Prime Minister. Which takes decisions related to forming and toppling the government in the country. It was the army that ousted Nawaz Sharif from power. Now the army seems to be withdrawing support from Imran Khan as well. Because the army has announced that it will remain neutral on the no-confidence motion.
  3. After the appointment of the ISI chief, the ruckus started between Imran Khan and the army over the appointment of the chief of Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI. Imran Khan finally accepted the recommendation of the army chief. But it was said that there was tension between them for several days regarding this issue. Imran Khan did not want Najim Anjum to become the chief of ISI. Neither side had publicly commented. This is believed to be the reason behind the army being neutral.
  4. Two dozen MPs of the government rebelled – the army’s support is gone, only the MPs of Imran Khan’s own party are rebelling against him. Nearly two dozen MPs of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf party have camped for weeks at the opposition-run Sindh House. Khan has demanded action against him but he continued to ignore it.
  5. Allies made a deal with the opposition – Imran Khan needs the support of 172 members to remain in power in the 342-member National Assembly. About two dozen MPs have already revolted. Khan suffered another setback on Wednesday when Leader of the Opposition Bilawal Bhutto Zardari announced that the Muttahida Quami Movement, an ally of Khan’s government, had struck a deal with him.
  6. Imran told the opposition’s move to be a foreign conspiracy- Imran Khan alleged that foreign forces were behind the political crisis, so that his government could be brought down. Addressing a rally in Islamabad on March 27, he said, ‘Efforts are being made to change the government in Pakistan through foreign money. Our people are being used. Mostly unknowingly, but some people are using money against us. We know from where attempts are being made to put pressure on us.
  7. Imran Khan mocks Pakistan Army – After the declaration of neutrality of Pakistan Army on the no-confidence motion, Imran Khan has ridiculed the army. He said that only ‘animals’ remain neutral.
  8. Government reached the Supreme Court against the rebels- PTI The government has approached the Supreme Court regarding the disqualification of the rebel MPs who threatened to vote against PM Imran Khan. He has asked the Supreme Court to give opinion on some articles of the Constitution.
  9. Opposition Unites Against Imran Khan – The opposition parties (which have traditionally been rivals to each other) have united against Imran Khan. He named his alliance ‘Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM)’. In which other opposition parties including Nawaz Sharif’s Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, Bhutto-Zardari’s Pakistan People’s Party and Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam Fazal are included.
  10. Shahbaz Sharif can replace Imran Khan – Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz’s vice president and Nawaz Sharif’s successor Maryam Nawaz has said that party leader Shahbaz Sharif will be his candidate for the post of Prime Minister in place of Imran Khan, but the final decision will be taken by the joint opposition. . Leader of the Opposition in Pakistan’s Parliament Shahbaz Sharif said his government would soon review and improve electoral reforms, including voting rights for foreign Pakistanis. He accused Imran Khan of diluting the electoral reform law through Parliament and said the opposition would make appropriate changes. He said that Pakistan should get voting rights abroad, but in such a way that no one party gets all the benefits and everyone has equal opportunities.

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