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North Korea: Kim Jong Un’s ‘army of hackers’ stealing money to make atomic bombs, stole Rs 3000 crore in a year

Experts say that Kim Jong Un’s hackers are a big headache for the world. The cyber attack on UK hospitals and Sony Pictures is a wake-up call.

North Korean hackers stole Rs 3000 crore

North Korea (North Korea) near seven thousand hackers (Hackers) has an army. According to a report, these hackers stole $ 400 million (about Rs 3000 crore) last year. Blockchain experts say North Korea carried out at least seven attacks on cryptocurrency platforms during one of its most successful years. According to the report of Chain Analysis, from 2020 to 2021, hacking incidents related to North Korea increased from four to seven. During this, the amount of money withdrawn through hacking increased by 40 percent in its value. The report said, North Korea hid this money through laundering.

Experts say that Kim Jong Un (Kim Jong UnKim’s army of cyber soldiers competes with the CIA in its expertise. These cyber hackers created a stir as the world’s biggest bank robbers. These hackers of North Korea have been trained to steal billions of dollars worldwide. Kim Jong Un uses the money from hacking on his weapons and nuclear missile program. North Korea never gives a clear answer to the questions asked on this issue. But it has issued several statements in the past, denying the allegations of hacking.

Target was set to steal $1.3 billion

Last year, the US accused three North Korean computer programmers working for the country’s intelligence service of massive hacking over the years. The job of these hackers was to steal more than $1.3 billion. Due to this many companies, banks and Hollywood movie studios were affected. Chain Analysis did not release the identities of all the targets that were hacked by North Korea. But said they were mainly investment companies and centralized exchanges. These include Liquid.com, which announced in August that an unauthorized user had breached some of its cryptocurrency wallets.

Cyber ​​attacks from banks to military installations

Experts say that Kim Jong Un’s hackers are a big headache for the world. The cyber attack on UK hospitals and Sony Pictures is a wake-up call and shows the extent to which these hackers have access. North Korean hackers have attacked military sites, international banks and bitcoin investors in more than 150 countries. Last year, hackers also cyber-attacked Pfizer, in order to steal the formula of its COVID vaccine. North Korea is constantly testing its weapons. Funding of these missiles is done only through the money received from hacking.

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