North Korea: dictator Kim Jong said for the first time after conducting a train-sea missile test, told America ‘the root of all problems’

दक्षिण कोरिया ने उत्तर कोरिया से हॉटलाइन बहाल करने को कहा, तनाव बढ़ाने के बाद अब रियायत मांग सकते हैं किम जोंग उन

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un

North Korea Blames US For Instability: North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un has blamed America for all the problems. According to the state-run Korean Central News Agency, Kim Jong, giving a speech at a defense exhibition event, described the US as the “root root” of instability. Actually Pyongyang is facing international sanctions due to its nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs (US North Korea Nuclear Agreement). Due to which its economy has collapsed badly. But still it has made great progress in developing these programs and weapons.

In the year 2017, North Korea tested missiles that can reach the entire continent of America and carry out its most powerful nuclear detonation ever (US North Korea Sanctions). Along with this, Pyongyang says that it needs weapons to protect itself from US aggression. While Joe Biden has repeatedly said after becoming president that America has no intention of enmity with North Korea.

America accused of increasing threat

Despite this, Kim said at the ‘Self-Defense 2021’ exhibition, ‘I am very curious to know whether there are people or countries who themselves believe that there is no intention of hostility in their actions.’ The second reason for tension behind both the countries is also South Korea, which is a close ally of America but a staunch enemy of North Korea (North Korea Blames US). The US has deployed 28,500 of its troops in Seoul (the capital of South Korea) to protect South Korea during the fighting with North Korea. In this case, Kim said, ‘Unrestricted and dangerous efforts to strengthen military power are destroying the military balance on the Korean Peninsula and increasing military instability and danger.’

First speech after missile test

Kim has given a speech at a time when North Korea has recently tested a long-range missile for the first time from a train. It has been described as a hypersonic warhead. In the year 2018, Kim also became the first North Korean leader who met the President of America at the Singapore summit. During this, a condition was placed that if North Korea gives up its nuclear program, then the US will remove the sanctions imposed on it. But since the second talks in Hanoi, talks have been stalled till now. The Biden administration says it is ready to meet with North Korean leaders at any time as part of its efforts to denuclearize without taking into account the old terms.

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