Nobel Prize 2021: Abdulrajak Gurnah of Tanzania received the Nobel Prize in Literature, his wife went to the kitchen and gave the news of the award

Nobel Prize 2021: तंजानिया के अब्‍दुलराजाक गुरनाह को मिला साहित्‍य का नोबेल, पत्‍नी ने किचन में जाकर दी अवॉर्ड की खबर

Abdul Razak Gurnah writes in the English language.

The Nobel Prize 2021 for Literature has been announced in the year 2021. This year the Nobel for Literature has been awarded to Abdulrajak Gurnah of Tanzania. Gurnaah was born in Zanzibar in 1948. However, his life has been spent in the United Kingdom (UK) and Nigeria.

Abdul Razak Gurnah writes in the English language. His famous novel is Paradise. It also received the Booker Prize for the year 1994. Guranah currently lives in the UK and teaches at the University of Kent. Gurnaah’s 10 novels have been published and he has also written many short stories.

Blacks who won awards after 1986

Andres Olsson, who is the head of the Nobel Committee, announced this award. He said that while the Tanzanian author’s novels about a failed rebellion, his most recent, ‘brilliant’, Afterlives, are ‘a retreat from stereotypical descriptions and an eye-opener to the culturally diverse East Africa that has been lost to other parts of the world,’ he said. I am unfamiliar to many people.

Gurnahi is the first African horse to receive the Nobel Prize in Literature since 1986. Wole Soyinka received the Nobel Prize in 1986. Also, he is the first citizen of Tanzania to have achieved the honor. Paradise was his fourth novel. According to Olson, Paradise is that novel in which along with the story of an age, a love story is also seen.

news while working in the kitchen

Olsson told that when the Nobel Prize was announced, Gurnah was in the kitchen. His wife told him about this. According to Olsson, the committee that decided the Nobel Prize had a very long and very positive conversation with him.

Recently Gurnaah has written the novel Afterlives tells of Ilyas. The story of the novel is about a man whom German soldiers steal from his parents. The child returns to his village after many years and takes part in a war against his own people.

The British media has called it a novel that makes people think about something. According to the British newspaper The Guardian, the novel can bring closer those who have been forgotten and who fight to protect their existence.

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