New PM Fumio Kishida dissolves parliament in Japan, now parliamentary elections will be held in the country on October 31

जापान में नए पीएम फुमियो किशिदा ने भंग की संसद, अब देश में 31 अक्‍टूबर को होंगे संसदीय चुनाव

Elections were due in Japan earlier in November.

Japan’s Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has dissolved the lower house of parliament. With this, the way has now been cleared for the conduct of national elections in the country on 31 October. With this election, Kishida’s name will also be officially stamped. According to experts, the PM of Japan has taken this decision to strengthen the country’s economy by moving beyond the epidemic. According to Kishida, due to a weak opposition, there were a lot of difficulties in fighting the epidemic.

The new Prime Minister Kishida has enough support and it is also clear from the results of the survey that he is gaining popularity among the public. Together with the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) and its coalition party Comito in the lower house, he can easily achieve the target of majority.

People’s hopes rest on Kishida

The voters of Japan now want a government that can take decisive decisions and at the same time strengthen the economy again. Recently, in a survey conducted by Senkei Newspaper, it was revealed that 48 percent of the people want the Kishida administration to do the most work on the corona virus and then fix the economy and then increase employment in the country.

Kishida’s party is focusing more on its measures to contain the coronavirus, including launching an oral anti-virus vaccine by this year. At the same time, their aim is to release new capitalism which is associated with economic progress and can create capital again in the country. The ruling party has also demanded that spending on defense should be increased rapidly so that those capabilities can be developed so that China’s aggression can be reduced.

Elections to be held in November

Kishida replaces Yoshihide Suga. Suga and his cabinet resigned earlier in the day. Suga resigned after only a year in office due to his lack of popularity due to the methods of handling the corona virus global epidemic and his persistence on organizing the Olympic Games despite the infection. Japan’s former foreign minister Kishida easily won the election for the post of leader of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party.

Kishida will create a new cabinet position aimed at dealing with the economic dimensions of Japan’s national security, appointing Takayuki Kobayashi, 46, who is relatively new to parliament. Kishida supports closer cooperation between Japan and the United States and partnerships with other like-minded countries in Asia and Europe. One of its objectives is to counter China and nuclear-armed North Korea. Elections in Japan were earlier scheduled for mid-November.

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