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‘Never ready to give military base to America in Pakistan, that’s why my government was toppled’, said Imran Khan

Former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan accuses America

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Imran Khan had clearly said in an interview in June 2021 that Pakistan would not give military base to America for any kind of action inside Afghanistan.

Former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan (Imran Khan) said that after the Taliban occupation of Afghanistan in August last year, hePakistan) would never have agreed to any of America’s demands for military bases. According to the report of Dawn newspaper, Imran made this statement in a video message while addressing the foreigners settled in Pakistan. Imran said that after withdrawal from Afghanistan, America wanted military bases in Pakistan, so that it could attack from here if there was presence of terror. But I considered it completely unacceptable.

According to the Dawn report, Imran said that Pakistan has already lost 80,000 lives in the US-led “war on terror”. But even after this this sacrifice was never appreciated. Instead, American leaders blamed us. He said, ‘First they accused us, then they did not even appreciate us. Our country and tribal areas were destroyed and now they are once again talking about military bases. I would never have been prepared for this and this is where the problems started between us. Imran also accused America of toppling his government.

Have already talked about not giving military base

It is important to mention here that Imran had clearly said in an interview in June 2021 that Pakistan would not allow the US military base and use of its territory for any kind of action inside Afghanistan. According to Dawn’s report, Imran’s latest comment was exactly the same as what he did in a recent podcast. He had said that the US was seeking a military base in Pakistan to stop international terrorism in Afghanistan. Imran said that America did not like the independent decision of the government of Pakistan.

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America did not like my going to Russia: Imran

The former prime minister said that he wants Pakistan’s foreign policy to be for its own benefit rather than pursuing whose objectives. He said that this is where the problems started. The US did not like Pakistan’s relationship with China and then my going to Russia. Imran, who lost power through a no-confidence motion last month, had accused the US of being the real conspirator to topple his government. He did this because of Imran’s independent foreign policy. Imran said that after the refusal of military bases, America had started a conspiracy to topple the government.

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