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‘NATO stopped from moving east’, Russia reiterated its demand for Ukraine, said- ‘Our patience is breaking’

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said, ‘Our patience has run out. Western countries are driven by pride and have raised tensions against their obligations and common sense.

Tension between Russia and Ukraine

Russia (Russia) on Friday reiterated its demand that NATO (NATO) will not extend eastwards. Although Ukraine (Ukraine) near the Russian army (Russian Army) has been rejected by the military coalition. Russia said it would not wait indefinitely for a response from the West. Tensions have been going on between Russia and Ukraine for a long time and the US has said that it will help Ukraine. At the same time, the US-led NATO has also said that it is ready to help Ukraine. Russia currently has one lakh troops deployed on the Ukrainian border.

Amid tensions, Ukraine on Friday faced a massive cyberattack that affected the websites of several government agencies. This week’s talks in Geneva and a related NATO-Russia meeting in Brussels were held amid a Russian military gathering near Ukraine. Western countries fear this gathering may be the beginning of an invasion. Russia, however, denied plans to attack its neighbour. It has warned Western countries that NATO’s expansion into Ukraine and other former Soviet countries is a “red line” that should not be crossed.

What has Russia said?

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on Friday referred to Moscow’s demand that NATO would neither expand nor deploy forces in Ukraine and other ex-Soviet countries, as it would destroy Ukraine. It is necessary for the progress of diplomatic efforts to reduce the rising tension. He argued that the deployment of NATO forces and weapons near Russia’s borders is a security challenge that must be addressed immediately.

Lavrov said in a press conference, ‘Our patience has run out. Western countries are driven by pride and have raised tensions against their obligations and common sense. Lavrov said Russia expected Washington and NATO to give a written response to its demands next week.

Negotiations continue between Russia and Western countries

At the same time, America and its allies have rejected the demands of Russia. However, Russia and the West continue to negotiate arms control and trust each other to avoid any tension. Even though talks between Western countries and Russia are continuing, the Russian army continues to increase its presence near the Ukrainian border. Tanks and modern weapons are stationed along the eastern border of Ukraine with 100,000 Russian soldiers.

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