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NASA’s Lucy spacecraft leaves for space, will detect eight asteroids hiding the ‘secrets’ of the solar system, flying with diamonds

NASA’s Lucy Mission

The American space agency NASA’s Lucy spacecraft set off on a 12-year quest to locate eight asteroids. This spacecraft has left in space with diamonds. Of these eight asteroids, seven are such mysterious space rocks, which are part of the asteroid belt found near the orbit of the planet Jupiter. It has been said that these are the ancient remains left during the formation of asteroid planets. Lucy spacecraft has been sent on a journey of 6.3 billion kilometers through Atlas V rocket.

About 50 years ago in Ethiopia, 3.2 million years old skeletal remains of ancestors of humans were found. The spacecraft is named Lucy after these remains. The human remains got this name from the song ‘Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds’ by the Beatles in 1967. Because of this, NASA has sent the band members’ lyrics and other words on a strip and sent them to space through spacecraft. This spacecraft has also taken with it a disc made of diamonds prepared in the lab for a scientific instrument.

Missions giving information about the formation of the solar system are quite exciting

Donald Johansson, a paleontologist who discovered the human remains named Lucy, said that he is surprised at this union of our past, our present and our future. Johansson of Arizona State University said, ‘Our human ancestors lived on Earth a long time ago. Now a mission is being done regarding this, which is going to give valuable information about the formation of our Solar System. It is incredibly exciting. Donald Johansson was present at Cape Canaveral at the launch.

Lucy’s first mission is to enter the Trojan circle

The cost of NASA’s Lucy mission is $981 million. Its mission is to enter the so-called Trojan entourage of the planet Jupiter. There are millions of asteroids present here, which revolve around the Sun while in Jupiter’s orbit. Some Trojan asteroids exist before Jupiter, while others orbit it. Lucy will pass by Earth in October next year and again in 2024 and try to gain enough gravity to reach Jupiter’s orbit.

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