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NASA scientist claims about Aliens, soon humans will face people from other worlds, we are close to a big discovery

Former NASA scientist claims about aliens

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NASA Scientist on Aliens: Former NASA scientist has made a surprising claim about aliens. He says that humans will soon have a face-to-face with these creatures from other worlds.

aliens (aliensAll kinds of astonishing claims come to the fore from the world. A lot of research is also being done about them. But they are never officially confirmed. America’s space agency NASA (US Space Agency NASA) is reportedly trying to find the existence of these beings believed to be from the other world. Now a former Chief Scientist of NASA has made a surprising claim in this matter. He has said that in the coming few years, humans will have a close encounter with aliens.

Scientist Jim Green believes that there is life beyond the earth and man is on the verge of making a truly amazing discovery. A meteorite has also been named after Jim, who spent 40 years of his life in America’s space agency. According to the Daily Star report, he said in a conversation with BBC Hard Talk that he believes that alien life will be discovered in his lifetime. “We are making a lot of progress,” he said. Now we know that there are more planets in our Galaxy than stars.

Helping the James Webb Telescope

He added, ‘And many of them are earth-like. Where we can get sunlight and we can get water. And not only in liquid state but also in frozen and vapor form. These are the essential things, which we consider necessary for living life. We are looking for planets where there are conditions on which life can flourish. NASA’s new James Webb Telescope has also helped people engaged in scientific or technical research by releasing pictures of distant planets and analyzing them. By which they are able to know about the environment there.

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Will collect information related to the atmosphere of the planets

Scientist Jim Green continued, ‘With our next large telescope, we will try to find out how some of those planets look from their atmosphere. We will compare these environments with those we know about. Are they more like Venus? Or like Mars, or more like Earth. This would be a huge step. I think we are going to see really amazing discoveries in the next few years. Jim further predicted that NASA is about to know the answers to its two missions. That ‘Are we alone and how did we get here.’

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