NASA revealed the deep secrets of Mars, many times floods occurred on the dry Red Planet, pictures of ancient ‘lake’ surfaced for the first time

NASA ने खोले मंगल के गहरे राज, सूखे लाल ग्रह पर कई बार आई थी बाढ़, पहली बार सामने आईं प्राचीन 'झील' की तस्वीरें

Traces of ancient lake found on Mars (Lake on MARS) Photo – NASA

Life on Mars Planet: The Perseverance rover of the US space agency NASA has sent such pictures from Mars, which have given scientists a big success. These pictures have proved the old claims, in which it is said that there used to be a lake of water on Mars. This rover of NASA is walking on the area of ​​​​Jaziro Crater. The pictures sent by the rover from here show that water played a major role in the formation of Mars billions of years ago. That is, the planet which is dry today, there used to be water there.

The rover has sent pictures of the dry lake. These pictures are of the area where water is most likely to be expressed. Images from the Red Planet show that the region was flooded 3.7 billion years ago (Mars Ancient Lake). The atmosphere here was different then. Scientists believe that due to the traces of the lake, it appears that rivers used to flow here. Due to the flood, large rocks like boulders lying around got absorbed in the lake. Which are still inside the lake. Some layers have been formed under them, which can give a lot of information.

How did you know there was a flood?

Mars 1

Traces of ancient lake found on Mars (Lake on MARS) Photo – MIT

A paper has been published in this matter in General Science. Scientists have studied images captured by the Mustcam-Z cameras mounted on the left and right sides of the rover as well as its remote micro-imager (Life on Mars). Which confirms that there used to be a river here. Inside the lake are scattered mills of boulders with a size of more than one meter, which must have been washed away in the severe floods. “If you look at these pictures, you are looking at a desert region,” Professor Benjamin Weiss, a planetary scientist in MIT’s Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences, said in a statement. It will look like such an inaccessible area, where you have rarely been to. There is not even a drop of water anywhere, but still the past here is completely different, for which we have proof. Something very deep had happened in the history of Mars.

Two samples were sealed in the rover

This is the first paper of its kind published since the Perseverance rover landed on Mars in February this year. The rover team had long planned to explore this area, as it is believed that there was once a possibility of life (Life on Mars is Possible,). The team has successfully extracted two samples from the surface, these have been sealed in the rover so that they can be brought to Earth. Which will prove to be helpful in future missions. This rover is being operated by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab. It has been said in the paper that with the passage of time the size of the lake changed. The water level in it increased and decreased to a large extent before completely eradicating the name of the water.

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