Military crisis, great danger or advantage! After all, how is Russia looking at the AUKUS agreement? statement issued

अफगानिस्तान के मसले पर रूस ने फिर साधा अमेरिका पर निशाना, पुतिन बोले- जल्दबाजी में नहीं बल्कि बचकर भागे अमेरिकी सैनिक

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Aukus Deal Russia: Australia has recently announced the Aukus Agreement with the US and Britain. On which China has expressed displeasure, while some other countries including Russia have issued statements.

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Russia After AUKUS Deal: Countries around the world have given mixed reactions to the new ‘Ocus’ agreement between the US, Australia and Britain. While China and France immediately opposed it, Japan and the Philippines were seen to welcome this agreement. Russia, one of the few countries equipped with nuclear-powered submarines, was careful in its response and did not show haste. The Kremlin’s carefully crafted bayan said, “Before taking any stance, we must understand its purpose, purpose and method.” It is important to get answers to these questions. Very little information has been received till now.

Some Russian diplomatic officials echoed concerns with their Chinese counterparts (Nuclear Submarine Technology) and said that Australia’s development of nuclear-powered submarines (with the help of the US and UK) is a ‘Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty’ (NPT). will be violated and this will intensify the ‘arms race’ in the region. Russian diplomatic officials suggested that the submarine fleet should be built under the supervision of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

Told ‘early version of Asian NATO’

As more clarity emerged about the new security deal, the Kremlin’s statements began to change. For example, the former US ambassador to Australia, Joe Hockey, openly stated that the purpose of the ‘Ocus’ is not only to challenge China in the Indo-Pacific region, but also to limit Russia’s power (Nuclear Submarines Australia). . Soon after, Russia’s Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev called the deal an “early version of Asian NATO”.

“Washington will try to involve other countries in this organization mainly to pursue anti-China and anti-Russian policies,” he said. For Canberra, such a change in Russia’s statement should not be surprising. Russia sees any change in the regional security environment as a military threat that must be responded to, from new agreements in the region to the development of new weapons systems.

Which options can Russia choose?

What are the possible options Russia might choose as its response? Since Moscow is viewing the ‘Ocus’ as a political and military crisis but does not yet see it as a threat, its immediate response will be limited to political maneuvering and no-misses (Nuclear Submarine Russia). Russia may see the ‘Aukas’ submarine deal as an event that will help it sell its nuclear submarines to countries in the region that need it.

This is not a hollow idea but has been suggested by experts associated with the Ministry of Defense of Russia. Russia’s nuclear submarines are considered the best and historically it has failed to share its technology with anyone. So far Russia has only ‘lease’ nuclear submarines to India since 1987, which were Soviet-built and used by the Indian Navy, but Russia did not transfer the technology to India. If Russia decides to supply nuclear submarines to other countries, it will not have any shortage of buyers.

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