Martin Luther King Jr used to work in the tobacco farm during college days, now its land will be protected

कॉलेज के दिनों में तंबाकू के खेत में काम करते थे मार्टिन लूथर किंग जूनियर, अब इसकी जमीन को किया जाएगा संरक्षित

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Tobacco Field to be Preserved Where Martin Luther King Jr. Worked: Given the historical and cultural significance of the tobacco farm in Connecticut, USA, where Martin Luther King Jr. once worked in the 1940s, it has been decided to preserve the farm. At that time Martin was studying in Luther College. The sale of 288 acres of land was finalized last month. It was announced on Friday. The non-profit Trust for Public Land and the city of Simsbury have planned its opening ceremony on 16 October.

About 130 acres of land will be set aside for the entertainment of the people and about 120 acres will be set aside for agriculture. The rest of the area will be saved for the future needs of the City of Simsbury, while two acres will be earmarked for historic preservation purposes to tell the property’s history (Martin Luther King Tobacco). “The enduring protection of this historic site is a result of collaboration between partners at the local, state and federal levels,” said Brian P. Hurlbert, Commissioner of the Connecticut Department of Agriculture, in a statement.

What did the historians say?

“Together we will ensure that Connecticut remains the foundation of agricultural and cultural heritage,” said P Hurlbert. Historians believe that King’s experiences in Connecticut influenced his decision to become a civil rights leader (Martin Luther King Tobacco Field). Martin Luther King Jr. was a prominent leader in the struggle for black civil rights in America. He was among a group of students from Morehouse College in Atlanta who were recruited to work on tobacco growers’ farms in Connecticut to raise money for tuition.

What did you say to your father?

In June 1944, King wrote to his father, ‘Here we saw some things that I had never imagined.’ He wrote, ‘There was no discrimination against us as we came away from Washington. The white people here are very nice. We go wherever we want and sit wherever we want. Martin Luther King was greatly inspired by Mahatma Gandhi’s ideology of truth and non-violence. Because Mahatma Gandhi had fought a long battle against injustice and racism while following this path.

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