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Major accident happened during river cleaning in Indonesia, 21 children drowned in water, only 10 were rescued so far

Children Drown in Indonesian River

Children Drown in Indonesia: A major accident has happened in Indonesia. In the country’s West Java province, 11 students of a school going on a river clean-up operation drowned and 10 others were rescued. Officials have given this information on Saturday. Local officials said that 150 students of an Islamic junior high school were taking part in a clean-up drive on the banks of the Siliyur river on Friday when 21 of them slipped and fell into the river.

“The weather was fine and there was no chance of flash floods,” said Deden Ridwansyah, head of the Bandung search and rescue office. The children who drowned, they held each other’s hands. One of them slipped the foot of the child, due to which others also slipped in the river. Nearby residents and rescue teams rescued 10 students, who have been admitted to a nearby hospital (Children Down in River). Rescue teams used large boats to rescue the students and by the end of the operation on Friday night, all the students who were drowned in the river were traced.

students were not wearing equipment

It is being told that the students were not wearing flotation equipment. These are devices that prevent drowning in water. Some media reports said that he was trying to cross the river, which is known for rafting and tubing, when his feet slipped and fell into it. Rains in Indonesia cause frequent landslides and flash floods, affecting millions of people living in mountainous areas or on the plains near floods (Flood Landslide in Indonesia). In the month of February 2020 also, there was an accident in Saleman district of Yogyakarta province. Due to the flood here, six students drowned in the river and died.

earthquake occurred twice in the morning

Shortly before this, there was news that a moderate-intensity earthquake struck Indonesia’s Bali island in the early hours of Saturday and after that another tremor was felt. Three people died in this and seven others were injured. The US Geological Survey said that the magnitude of the quake was measured at 4.8 (Earthquake in Indonesia). The earthquake struck 62 kilometers northeast of Bali’s port city of Singaraja and at a depth of 10 kilometers. After this a tremor of magnitude 4.3 came at a depth of 282 km.

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