Lebanon: Amidst the ‘energy crisis’, a massive fire broke out at the oil facility, rescue workers engaged in evacuation

Lebanon: 'ऊर्जा संकट' के बीच ऑयल फैसिलिटी में लगी भीषण आग, लोगों को हटाने में जुटे रेस्क्यू वर्कर्स

Fire breaks out at Jahrani Oil Facility

A massive fire broke out at the Zahrani Oil Facility in Lebanon on Monday morning, which was brought under control after hours of effort. The country’s Energy Minister Walid Fayyad said that the massive fire that broke out in the storage tank of the oil facility has been brought under control. Earlier, Fayyad told Al Jazeera that an army fuel tank caught fire. After arriving at the Jahrani Oil Facility, he told reporters that he was not sure what caused the fire and whether it was deliberately set.

“We need to wait for the results of the investigation and we have to be ready to take all necessary steps based on the results,” the energy minister said. Now our priority is the safety of the people. The national news agency had earlier said, ‘A huge fire broke out in a tank of the Jharani Oil Facility containing petrol.’ “The cause of the fire is yet to be ascertained,” it said. At least 25 fire tenders are at the oil facility while extinguishing the fire while cooling the surrounding tanks to prevent the spread of the fire. At least 25 fire tenders rushed to the oil facility to stop the fire from spreading and to cool the surrounding tanks.

Oil facility stores petrol and diesel

A spokesman for the Lebanese Army told Al Jazeera on Monday that the fuel tank contained benzene. “While trying to douse the fire, we are now evacuating residents from the area,” the official said. Now the priority is to prevent the fire from reaching other tanks. The tanks at the Jahrani Oil Facility store petrol and diesel, which have been purchased by the Lebanese government. Energy researchers Mark Ayoob said, apart from the presence of oil in this facility, there is also some fuel for the army and reserve stock. One of the major power stations of Lebanon is also located in the vicinity.

16,000 tonnes of fuel arrived at Jahrani facility in September

The Jahrani power plant became operational on Saturday after it ran out of fuel. The Lebanese army donated some of its reserve stock on Sunday. After this the power plant could be restarted. In late September, a ship carried 16,000 tons of Iraqi fuel to the Jahrani facility. This was the first shipment under a swap deal between Beirut and Baghdad. In March, then-outgoing Prime Minister Hassan Diab said that experts had discovered dangerous chemicals in a warehouse at the Jharani oil installations. He said the German company CombiLift had reported the matter to the Atomic Energy Authority of Lebanon.

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