Kuwait abolishes one more restriction for women, now girls will be able to join military

कुवैत ने महिलाओं के लिए खत्‍म की एक और पाबंदी, अब मिलिट्री भी ज्‍वॉइन कर सकेंगी लड़कियां

Kuwaiti women have been working in the police force since 2001.

Kuwait, like the rest of the Gulf countries, has now allowed women to serve in the army. In some other Gulf countries, women are already part of the armies. Defense Minister Sheikh Hamad Jaber al-Ali al-Sabah said on Tuesday that the army’s doors are now open to Kuwaiti women, Kuwait’s state news agency Kuna reported. They can be recruited into military service as Special Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers. This is the first such opportunity for women who have been confined to civilian roles in the military for years.

According to news agency Kuna, the Kuwaiti Defense Minister tweeted, ‘Now is the time to allow women to work with their brothers in the Kuwaiti army.’ The Kuwaiti Defense Minister also expressed satisfaction at the women’s “abilities and ability to prove themselves in difficult situations”. Kuwaiti women have been serving in the police force since 2001, paving the way for them to join the army.

Medical and military aid

The Kuwaiti Defense Minister said the decision to allow women to enlist in military service is based on women’s participation in the military’s responsibilities in defending the country and its security and stability. He has expressed confidence in women’s ‘abilities and ability to endure hardship’. Initially, they will be allowed to serve in the medical and military aid sectors. The Kuwaiti defense minister said allowing women to serve in the military would help government agencies deal with any internal difficulties. Kuwaiti women, on the other hand, would also be proud to contribute to the country’s military service.

Got the right to vote in the year 2005

Kuwaiti women, who got the right to vote in 2005, are active in both the cabinet and parliament. However, in the recent parliamentary elections, women have not got a single seat. Kuwait has made great strides in empowering women in recent years. Now there are women in many areas which were previously considered to be the monopoly of men. The Kuwaiti government admitted last month that it was considering allowing women to join the military.

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