Kim Jong will appear in court, demand of five Japanese – North Korea should give 10 crore compensation, read what is the whole matter

दक्षिण कोरिया ने उत्तर कोरिया से हॉटलाइन बहाल करने को कहा, तनाव बढ़ाने के बाद अब रियायत मांग सकते हैं किम जोंग उन

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un

A court in Japan is hearing a petition by five people who said they were promised North Korea’s “heaven on earth” but they only committed human rights violations there. experienced. Now these five people are demanding compensation from North Korean leader Kim Jong-un for this bad experience. According to the petitioners’ lawyer Kenji Fukuda, this hearing was possible only after the District Court of Tokyo agreed to summon Kim Jong-un.

Although he does not expect to receive compensation if Kim appears and is ordered by the court, Fukuda expects the case to be an opportunity for talks between Japan and North Korea by taking responsibility for North Korea and normalizing diplomatic relations. Can set an example. Millions of Koreans came to Japan during Japan’s colonization of the Korean peninsula, some of whom were forced to work in mines and factories. It is a past that still affects relations between Japan and North Korea.

The lawsuit was filed in 2018

Five persons had filed this said suit in 2018. Of the five petitioners, four are native Koreans and one is a Japanese woman. The woman married a Korean citizen and they also have a daughter. All these people have returned to Japan from North Korea. The woman said, “If we had known the truth about North Korea, none of us would have gone there.” He claims that he was imprisoned in North Korea for 43 years. In 2003, she somehow managed to get out of there. The petition seeks 100 million yen ($900,000) as compensation from North Korea.

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