Iraq Elections: Votes will be cast in Iraq today, 25 million voters will decide the future of 3200 candidates

Iraq Elections: इराक में आज डाले जाएंगे वोट, 2.5 करोड़ वोटर्स तय करेंगे 3200 उम्मीदवारों का भविष्य

elections in Iraq

Votes will be cast for parliamentary elections in Iraq on Sunday. Iraqi voters will vote to elect a new parliament for the fifth time since the ouster of long-time dictator Saddam Hussein in 2003 after the US invasion. However, even after all this, many Iraqi people do not see any reason to vote. Political analysts say that the coalition parties currently in power are expected to regain dominance.

Most of the ruling parties have the support of the militias and their attacks have killed more than 600 protesters. Young Iraqi people say they see no future in their country. Where some protesters are contesting as candidates. At the same time, many others have demanded boycott of voting. On the other hand, the final outcome of the election will be shaped by the country’s sectarian leaders, powerful players including Iran and America.

Existing parties expected to get an edge

The people, who have seen ineffective rule of power for years, will vote on Sunday to test how much they have faith in the political system. Iraq has over 25 million registered voters. There are more than 3200 candidates for 329 seats in Parliament. The new MPs will choose the next prime minister. New parties contesting elections do not have much funds. New candidates are getting threats. In such a situation, their chances of winning are less. In such a situation, most of the votes are going to be lost in the share of the existing big parties.

People hold America responsible for the failure of the government

Iran-backed parties asked America to leave the country and this is also their main election issue. The US says it will return from Iraq by the end of the year, but will continue to advise the Iraqi military. Critics say the US is responsible for the government’s failure in Iraq. The US-backed Iraqi Governing Council established a system of sectarian division. This is seen as the biggest obstacle to running the government in Iraq. Due to this corruption has also increased.

It will take time for the results to come

Voting is taking place after months of talks between the main players. It is expected that no party will win an absolute majority and there will be a protracted bargaining process after the election, as the parties form alliances and divide up control of ministries. It may take months. The US and Iran are likely to have some role to play in shaping the final outcome. In the past, these countries have essentially made the person prime minister, on whom both agree. Both countries have their own interests in Iraq.

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