Iran’s strange censorship rules, women eating pizza and drinking cold drinks are banned from appearing on TV

Iran के अजब-गजब सेंसरशिप नियम, पिज्‍जा खाती और कोल्‍ड ड्रिंक पीती महिलाओं का टीवी पर दिखना बैन

People in Iran are very angry about the new rules.

You will be surprised to hear about the new decree that has come in Iran in the past. New rules of censorship have come in Iran. In these rules, some restrictions have been fixed for women as well as some rules have been made for men as well.

You must have often seen women and men in advertisements of pizza and cold drinks coming on TV. Just now censorship has been imposed on these ads in Iran. Under the new rules, women will not be shown eating pizza or drinking cold drinks in the ads of pizza and cold drinks coming on TV in Iran. Not only this, in the ads or shows that come on TV, men will not be shown even serving tea to women.

Instructions given to producers

According to sources, TV producers have been asked by the Iranian censorship regulator to follow these rules. Producers will not be able to show women wearing leather gloves or any red colored drink in their show or ad. Not only this, men will not be shown serving tea to women in places like workplaces. It has been told by the website Iran Wire that according to the recent audit, these new rules have been set for broadcasters and filmmakers on behalf of government officials.

If you do not follow the rules then you will be fined

The website states that Amir Hosni Shamshadi has also expressed his consent that women should not be shown on TV drinking any kind of red drink. Shamshadi is the head of public relations for the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB). Apart from pizza, this list also includes sandwiches. In order to comply with the new rules, it is very important to get approval from the IRIB for those scenes or pictures in which women and men are shown in every house. Some Iranian streaming sites may self-censor to avoid fines from the government.

Just the voice of the actress heard in the talk show

IRIB is responsible for monitoring and licensing Iran’s home theater and streaming platforms. The organization does the work of licensing and monitoring through Satara. Recently, the face of the guest was not shown in the new episode of the Iranian talk show Pishgu. Actress Elnaaz Habibi came on the talk show. He had to talk to the presenter Pejman Jamshidi. But only his voice was heard throughout the show. People in Iran are very angry about the new rules and they have opened a front against the government on Instagram.

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