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Iran is preparing to make nuclear weapons, if it is not accepted for talks, then America-Israel will use Plan-B

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Israel’s Secretary of State Yair Lapid (Antony Blinken-Yair Lapid)

US Israel on Iran Nuclear Deal: Talks between the US and Israel have intensified to stop Iran’s nuclear program. They say that if Iran does not agree to talk on the 2015 nuclear deal, then work will be done on Plan B. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Israel’s Foreign Minister Yair Lapid said that if Iran refuses to comply with the US agreement, then both countries will try to persuade them. Will use options.

He didn’t elaborate on what those options might be, but there are a number of non-diplomatic options. It may be that one of these is being considered (Iran Nuclear Deal Analysis). These range from increasing sanctions to taking covert or military action. The purpose of America’s Biden administration is to re-associate itself with this agreement. Because former US President Donald Trump had separated America from it in the year 2018. Due to which the purpose related to America’s foreign policy remained incomplete. After which Iran also started violating the terms included in the agreement. Now it is believed that he will soon prepare a nuclear weapon.

Iran may put new conditions

The current US government wants to join the nuclear deal again, but it fears that this time Iran may put forward new conditions to accept the agreement. So in such a situation, if the diplomatic talks fail, then work has already started on how to handle the situation going forward (Iran Nuclear Deal and Israel). Israel has never been a party to a nuclear deal. In 2015, former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had also vocally opposed this agreement during the Obama administration.

Will expand the Abraham Agreement

Blinken and Lapid hold a joint news conference with the Foreign Minister of the United Arab Emirates. The three countries have also agreed to try to expand the ‘Abraham Agreement’, an agreement reached during Donald Trump’s tenure, aimed at improving relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, including other Arab countries. have to improve. The statement has been made at a time when Iran has recently said that it is ready to hold indirect talks with the US in Vienna. Iran continues to break the limits of its nuclear activities, which were hampered by the deal.

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