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Inside Story: In 7 airplanes, 18 suicide bombers were about to attack Britain, which is worse than America’s 9/11, know how the plan failed

According to the book, “The terrorists had planned to inject explosives in liquid form into the energy bottle as a preparatory measure. Since the whole matter was busted in time, Britain was spared a lot of devastation and notoriety during that time.”

The attack on the World Trade Center in America in 2001 (picture used symbolic)

On September 11, 2001 in America, considered the world’s super power (9/11 Attack) his World Trade Center (World Trade Center AttackEven after the attack on the terrorist organizations did not calm down. To celebrate the success of that attack, terrorist organizations around the world wanted to create havoc in Britain in 2006. The preparations for this had also been completed. Under these preparations it was decided that 18 suicide bombers (Suicide Bomber) will board airplanes from 7 different places.

As soon as these bombed airplanes approach the predetermined targets in Britain, they will all be hit in the air at different destinations or predetermined targets at the same time, repeating the even more dreadful scene of devastation, which America In the air raids on 9/11. It is a different matter that later all that planning of destruction failed. Actually, all these sensational revelations have been mentioned in a book. This book named ‘Disruption’ has been written by a former officer of the American intelligence agency CIA, whose name is Aki Peritz.

Ex-CIA officer exposed

Many more things have been written in his book by a 42-year-old former CIA officer related to that failed attack. In the book, the author has bluntly mentioned how the plans to destroy Britain were going to be carried out in 2006. According to this former CIA officer, “Britain intelligence agencies M15, M16, GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarters) still see that conspiracy as foiling the biggest terrorist attack.”

The Sun’s news quoted the book as saying, “In the year 2006, it was decided that 18 suicide bombers (human bombs) would be mounted in 7 airplanes. In these seven planes, 18 suicide bombers (jihadis) also wanted to allow Scotland Yard to climb. Scotland Yard’s plan was to first let all these suicide bombers board the planes, after that they would be arrested. Had these terrorist attacks been carried out simultaneously during that period, they would have proved to be the deadliest terrorist attacks in the history of Britain.

liquid explosive was to be used

According to the revelations made in the book, “the terrorists had planned to inject explosives into the liquid form of the energy bottle as a preparation.” Since the whole matter was busted in time. So Britain was saved from the horrific devastation and infamy during that time or it was saved. In that case then 24 dreaded conspiracy terrorists were arrested, some of these terrorists were arrested on the night of 9 August 2006. Among these arrested terrorists, Abdullah Ahmed Ali, the mastermind of that conspiracy, was also arrested.

Rauf used to visit Pakistan often

Abdullah had been hovering on the radar of British agencies since 2005, almost a year before that arrest. At that time his age was only 24 years. Then he also went on several trips to Pakistan with his 8-month-old son. Abdullah had met al-Qaeda terrorist Rashid Rauf several times in Pakistan itself. Under his direction, Abdullah completed the training of making bombs. Al Qaeda terrorist Rashid Rauf was the master of training to make bombs. There is not much monitoring of liquids in airplanes.

It was once investigated by Rashid Rauf himself by carrying a rosewater bottle (rose water in the bottle) in an airplane. That is why in 2006 a plan was made to blow up 7 airplanes simultaneously in Britain. A conspiracy was also hatched to fill the liquid form of explosives inside the bottles to the terrorists who were boarded in all those airplanes, so that that liquid form of explosives would not get caught in the eyes of anyone during the investigation.

Airplanes would blow up human bombs in the sky

According to the sensational revelations made in the book of this former CIA officer, “18 suicide bombers, all these 7 airplanes were to be detonated at a height of 30 thousand feet in the sky. If those seven air blasts had happened in the UK, then air travel in the world would have changed forever. On the other hand, during a conversation with ‘The Sun’ about that attack being thwarted, a British official has also told his mouth-watering story. Ken McCallum, a former officer of the UK agency M15, said, “Destroying that terrorist attack has been one of the most memorable and proudest things I have ever done.”

The writer was on the team to find bin Laden

Aki Peritz, a former CIA officer of the US intelligence agency and the author of the book, writes, “I have also been involved in the team searching for Osama bin Laden. Rashid Rauf was the mastermind or the facilitator of this failed attack. He had dual citizenship of both Britain and Pakistan. He himself was a member of a dangerous terrorist organization like Al Qaeda.

In the year 2005, when there was an attack on 7/7 in London, in which about 52 people were killed. Rashid had also hatched the plot of that attack. A terrorist attack was also planned on 21 July 2005, two weeks after that attack in London. which was thwarted. When Rauf Rashid escaped from Pakistani jail in the year 2007. So he was killed in a drone strike by the US within a year.

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