Indonesia Plane Crash: Plane crashes in Indonesia’s mountainous forests, three people missing, rescue operation underway

Indonesia Plane Crash: इंडोनेशिया के पहाड़ी जंगलों में क्रैश हुआ विमान, तीन लोग लापता, बचाव अभियान जारी

Plane Crash News: A plane has crashed in Indonesia’s Papua province. The people aboard in which nothing has been known so far. The plane has crashed in a forest.

Plane Crash in Indonesia

Indonesia Cargo Plane Crash: A small cargo plane crashed on Wednesday in the mountainous forests of Papua province, located in the eastern part of Indonesia. Officials confirmed the crash (Plane Crash in Papua) after an aerial search found a ‘Rimbun Air’ plane. Timika Rescue Agency chief George Leo Mercy Rundang said a search and rescue team had been dispatched to the area to locate and retrieve the three members of the flight crew.

Earlier, the Transport Ministry had said that local authorities lost contact with the ‘Twin Otter 300’ 50 minutes after the plane took off. The aircraft was on its way from Nabre district to Jaya district and was carrying construction material. Randang told that the weather was clear in the morning but later when the plane crashed, the sky was cloudy (Indonesia Cargo Plane Crash). An aerial search revealed that the cargo plane crashed at Intan Jaya and then got destroyed.

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