India-US relationship strengthened due to meeting of PM Modi and Joe Biden, White House said – will now move on to other issues

'26/11 मुंबई हमले के दोषियों पर हो कार्रवाई', भारत-अमेरिका ने की मांग, कहा- आतंक के खिलाफ लड़ाई में साथ खड़े दोनों देश

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Joe Biden (PM Narendra Modi-US President Joe Biden)

US India Relations Latest News: After the first one-on-one meeting between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Joe Biden, the White House said that the focus is now on many issues including the economy, national security and controlling the global pandemic Corona virus. is on the rise. Since the meeting between PM Modi and Biden at the White House on September 24, several high-level meetings have taken place between the two countries and many are to be held in the coming weeks.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said in a daily news conference on Friday that the Quad summit and bilateral meetings in September provided an opportunity to discuss the importance of ties and partnerships (India US Bilateral Relations). “At this point of time, high-level interlocutors, whether they are foreign ministers, officials of the Ministry of External Affairs or leaders of the national security team, will continue to work through them and focus on economic security, national security, covid handling and overcoming the pandemic,” he said. How can we move forward for this, our focus will be on this.’

US Deputy Secretary of State came to India

“So work will continue in the coming weeks and months at a higher level of post-leaders,” Saki said. One month has not yet completed since the meeting of PM Modi and Biden. And in this short span of time, there have been high-level visits between the two countries, prominent among them are the visit of Defense Chief General Bipin Rawat to the US and US Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman’s visit to India. Rawat went to the US last week and Sherman’s visit to India has just concluded. Several cabinet level visits are to be held in the next few weeks.

Defense Policy Group’s 16th meeting held

The 16th meeting of the Defense Policy Group of the two countries was held on Friday and the Pentagon has announced that its Chief of Naval Staff will visit India next week. Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman is likely to visit the US next week. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh and External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar are likely to visit Washington DC in November for the next round of ‘two-plus-two’ talks.

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