India-Russia sign MoU for supply of DAP fertilizers, target is to keep prices of fertilizers stable

डीएपी फर्टिलाइजर की सप्लाई के लिए भारत-रूस ने साइन किया MoU, उर्वरकों की कीमत को स्थिर रखना है लक्ष्य

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India has signed a long-term MoU with Russia for DAP (Di-Ammonium Phosphate) fertilizer supply. This MoU has been signed to ensure the supply of DAP Fertilizer at stable prices. Also, the dependence on countries like Jordan, Morocco, and China can be reduced. Sources have given this information. Sources have told that the Government of India is also locating other sources for the purchase of DAP.

Earlier, Fertilizers Minister Mansukh Mandaviya directed all companies not to increase the retail prices of DAP (Di-Ammonium Phosphate) and other phosphatic fertilizers. It is the effort of the government that DAP and other phosphatic fertilizers should be available to the farmers at a cheaper rate during the current Rabi season. Sources gave this information. He said that the government has increased the subsidy on DAP and some other non-urea fertilizers. But increasing the subsidy on non-urea fertilizers is unlikely.

The government had increased the subsidy by Rs 14,775 crore to keep the price low.

According to sources, the Fertilizer Minister said that the government will not allow any increase in the retail prices of DAP and also will not tolerate nexus in the matter of prices. The Union Cabinet had in June increased the subsidy for DAP and some other non-urea fertilizers by Rs 14,775 crore to keep the cost of crop nutrients low for farmers despite rising costs. The move was aimed at providing relief to farmers amid the coronavirus pandemic. After urea, Di-ammonium phosphate (DAP) fertilizer is the most widely used fertilizer in the country.

Rs 79,600 crore allocated for fertilizer subsidy

The government had increased the subsidy on DAP by 140 percent due to the jump in global prices. DAP fertilizer subsidy increased from Rs 500 per bag to Rs 1,200 per bag. The government had said that farmers would continue to get DAP at the old rate of Rs 1,200 per bag, a sack containing 50 kg of fertilizer. The government has allocated around Rs 79,600 crore for fertilizer subsidy in the budget for 2021-22. At present, the subsidy rate for N (Nitrogen) is Rs 18.789, P (Phosphorus) Rs 45.323, Rs 10.116 for (Potash) and Rs 2.374 for S (Sulphur). The subsidy is for every kilogram of fertilizer.

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