‘Guantanamo Bay Jail’ exists in Russia! Videos of rape and torture of prisoners surfaced, investigation started

रूस में मौजूद है 'ग्वांतनामो बे जेल'! कैदियों के साथ दुष्कर्म और यातना के वीडियो आए सामने, जांच शुरू

a prison in russia

There have been cases of systemic torture with prisoners in Russian jails. The case of Russia is being compared to Guantanamo Bay, America’s most dangerous prison. At the same time, now Russian officials are investigating allegations of torture and rape that surfaced in prison. In the leaked video, it is seen that the prisoners are being abused. Human rights group released more than 1,000 videos. These videos were filmed in Russian prisons, in which hundreds of people were abused.

The human rights group said the videos were part of a larger collection that was recorded by an anonymous Belarusian whistleblower. This whistleblower was imprisoned at the Saratov facility. In one of the videos, a man without clothes was seen being beaten up in a prison hospital in the city of Serato. At the same time, in another video, it was seen that the hands of a prisoner have been tied with a tap. His hands are tied backwards and laid on the ground. While a guard is keeping a shoe on his back. Other such videos have also surfaced.

Federal Penitentiary Service arrived in Saratov prison

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said, if the authenticity of this content is confirmed, then it is a matter of serious investigation. He said that the Federal Penitentiary Service (FSIN), which oversees Russia’s prisons, is looking into the matter. An FSIN team was sent to the Saratov prison, 450 miles southeast of Moscow, to verify the allegations. The FSIN has said that five senior jail officials have been fired. Among them was the director of the Saratov prison, where the alleged abuse took place. Along with this, the head of the regional prison service has also been removed.

The head of the FSIN branch in the Saratov region resigned

Russia’s investigative committee, which looks into major crimes, said it had inquired into sexual violence and abuse of authority in prisons. Meanwhile, the head of the FSIN branch in the Saratov region apparently stepped down because of the scandal. According to the Interfax news agency, Alexei Fedotov has submitted his resignation letter. founder Vladimir Osekkin said this is the first time that human rights defenders have obtained such a large amount of information proving torture in Russia. He said, this torture system exists and it is going on.

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