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From sanctions to military action, if Iran does not agree to ‘nuclear talks’, then America and its allies will take action

President of Iran Ibrahim Raisi

Iran US Nuclear Deal Latest News: America and its allies are pressuring Iran to resume the stalled nuclear talks and agree to talks. Countries have warned Iran that if it continues its nuclear program it could be further isolated internationally, face new economic sanctions and even Military action can also be taken against.

In Washington this week at several diplomatic-level meetings of US, European, Israeli and Arab officials, it was agreed to make it clear to Iran that its continued reluctance to engage in talks in Vienna would not be ignored or For this he will be punished (US Nuclear Deal With Iran). The agreement comes amid concerns that Tehran is unwilling to negotiate, which aims to bring the US and Iran back to the agreements agreed in 2015.

Trump had separated America

Former US President Donald Trump later withdrew his country from this agreement and after that no policy on the historic nuclear deal was left clear (US Withdrawal From Iran Nuclear Deal). Shortly after the country’s current President Joe Biden took office, the US had announced the withdrawal of the agreement. America’s special envoy for Iran, Robert Milley, is in talks with the Arab countries of the Gulf about Iran.

Iran gave indications about talks

UN nuclear watchdog Rafael Grossi will be in the US next week for further talks. Iran has indicated that it will hold talks again with the US, but has not yet announced a date in this regard. Apart from this, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid have also talked about Iran. They said that they are working on Plan B (Israel US Iran Nuclear Deal). If Iran does not join the talks or refuses to comply with the agreement, then Plan B will be used. But what is this plan B, he did not tell anything about it.

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