Former British PM Tony Blair’s name surfaced in Pandora Papers, Boris Johnson laughed when asked the question

पैंडोरा पेपर्स में सामने आया पूर्व ब्रिटिश पीएम टोनी ब्लेयर का नाम, सवाल पूछे जाने पर हंसने लगे बोरिस जॉनसन

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson Laughs After Asking About Pandora Leaks: The ‘Pandora Papers’, which revealed the hidden wealth and money of rich people, has caused a worldwide earthquake. The name of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has also appeared in this. In this case, when the current Prime Minister of Britain, Boris Johnson, was asked a question, he started laughing. He was asked by reporters whether Tony would return the money he had taken from various donors. So in response, Johnson said that he has not read anything about it in detail.

Asked if revealing ‘corrupt deals’ was embarrassing for the Tories, he said, ‘You mean Tony Blair?’ Then he started laughing at his own joke (Tony Blair in Pandora Papers). This report, prepared by combining about 12 million documents, has been released by the ‘International Consortium of Investigative Journalists’ (ICIJ), which works with media organizations around the world. Along with providing information on the assets of world leaders, former presidents and prime ministers, the Pandora Papers reveals how money is hidden to avoid tax in many countries with low tax rates.

Savings of over £300,000

Tony and his wife Cherie Blair had saved over £300,000 on stamp duty. This savings he made in 2017 while buying a London office through a mask company (Tony Blair Name in Pandora Leaks). The disclosure of these documents also revealed how London has become a den of hiding the ‘black money’ of some of the world’s richest and most powerful people. After this, the Conservative government of Britain is under increasing pressure to strengthen the system to deal with it.

These people have accounts in London

Those whose accounts have been reported in London include Jordan’s King Abdullah II, Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev and aides of Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan. Abdullah denied having any accounts and Khan tweeted that his government would investigate the allegations and punish the guilty. Aliyev hasn’t commented yet (Pandora Papers List). Although the transaction is legal under British law, recent revelations have shown how complicated the process of tax evasion is by the wealthy.

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