For the first time in 40 years, inflation is increasing rapidly in the world, know what has happened after all

40 सालों में पहली बार दुनिया में तेजी से बढ़ रही है महंगाई, जानिए आखिर ऐसा क्‍या हुआ है

According to experts, only fruits and vegetables or milk are getting expensive, it is not that, the prices of everything are increasing.

Price rise in world: At this time the whole world including India is troubled by inflation. According to a study, the prices of prices are touching the sky all over the world. According to a study, this is the first time in the last 40 years that the prices of essential goods are increasing so much. This study has disturbed the experts and they are talking of increasing difficulties in the coming days.

According to the survey conducted by Infoline, this year there has been a huge increase in the prices of food items across the world. The price index has risen over 27 per cent for the first time. Infoline is an information and analytical agency.

first time since 1970

Infoline CEO Ivan Fedakov said in an interview, ‘This is the first time since the 1970s that prices are increasing all around. The situation was the same at that time, but the increase in inflation was due to changes in the global economy. In the last 40 years, the price has never increased as fast as it is now. He said that the prices of different things are increasing in different ways. Only fruits and vegetables or milk is getting expensive, it is not so. Rather, the essential commodities and pesticides for agriculture are also becoming expensive.

world troubled by inflation

Ivan has said that inflation will be controlled in the coming days, it is not so. Inflation will increase but the question is whether the purchasing power of the people increases or not. They believe that the way inflation is increasing, the purchasing power of the people will also increase and it will not be limited. According to the European agency Eurostat, in the month of September this year, annual inflation in the eurozone reached the highest level of 13 years.

The reason for this was the rise in the prices of energy or energy. Also the rise in the prices of natural gas. Europe has touched this level of inflation since September 2008. According to Eurostat data, prices of food items, alcohol and tobacco have increased by an average of 2.1 percent.

Experts said you have to make a habit of inflation

Miguel Patricio, who heads Kraft Heinz, has also said in an interview that people will become accustomed to inflation in the coming times. Kraft Heinz is the world’s number one company that produces food items like sauces etc. He said that at this time inflation is increasing in almost all the countries of the world and now it is difficult to control it.

On behalf of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, it has been said that the prices of cereals to oil have increased and due to this the global food price has reached the highest level of 10 years. During the epidemic, there has been a decline in the production of raw material crops to vegetable oil in many countries. Due to the restrictions imposed to stop the virus, the output was limited and now the results are out.

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