Electricity Crisis: Entire Lebanon shrouded in darkness, electricity will not come in the country for several days, after China-Germany, India is also under threat

Electricity Crisis: अंधेरे में डूबा पूरा लेबनान, देश में कई दिनों तक नहीं आएगी बिजली, चीन-जर्मनी के बाद भारत पर भी मंडरा रहा खतरा

There will be no electricity in Lebanon for several days (Lebanon Power Cut)

Lebanon Electricity Crisis 2021: At this time in front of the whole world, a big power crisis is deepening. This crisis that started from China has now reached Lebanon after Germany. There is a possibility that India may also face power cuts in the next few days (Electricity Crisis China). Now let’s talk about Lebanon, this whole country with a population of 6 million people has sunk into darkness. It has been announced that the power cut will continue for the next few days. Two major power plants in the country have been closed due to lack of fuel.

Confirming the matter, a government official said, “Lebanon’s electricity network has completely stopped working from this afternoon and it is unlikely that it will be able to work next Monday or for several days to come.” The thermo-electric plant at the Jahrani power station has been shut down (Electricity Crisis Cause) after the Deir Ammar plant was shut down on Friday due to an alleged exhaustion of fuel supplies. Electricity generation in the country has reached below 200 MW. This electricity is only worth 5000 houses.

Army’s fuel reserves will be used

The official said that the country’s power company will now try to use the fuel oil reserves of the army, so that only temporarily but power plants can be operated. But that is not going to happen anytime soon. Many Lebanese generally rely on private generators, which run on Dijs (Energy Crisis and Electricity). But even these do not last long. The economic condition of Lebanon is very bad at the moment. Due to this the supply of fuel imported here has also been affected. The currency of Lebanon has fallen by 90 percent since the year 2019.

Power Grid Shutdown

According to reports, the electricity grid in Lebanon was completely shut down after two major power plants were shut down. Violence is also being seen due to the ongoing fuel crisis in the country. Here people stand in long queues to get oil filled in their vehicles. People have to rely on the black market for this (Why is there no Electricity in Lebanon). United Nations figures show that about 78 percent of the country’s population is living in poverty. Unemployment is at the highest level here.

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