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Ecuador Jail Fight: Ecuadorian prison inmates attacked each other with knives, 44 killed, 200 escaped from prison

Clashes between prisoners in Ecuadorian prison

Image Credit source: AFP

Ecuador Jail Riots: A violent clash has broken out between rival gangs in an Ecuadorian prison. In which 44 prisoners died so far, while 200 managed to escape from the jail.

Violent clash between rival gangs in an Ecuadorian prison (Ecuador Jail Fight) in which 44 prisoners died. Officials have given this information on Monday. About a month ago, 20 people died in another prison riot (Deaths in Ecuador Jail) was done. Interior Minister Patricio Carrillo told a news conference that some inmates at the Belavista prison in Santo Domingo had come out of their respective cells with the intention of attacking other inmates. Those who died were attacked with a knife.

He said, there is evidence that those who lost their lives were attacked with knives. Most of the dead bodies have marks of being stabbed with a knife. He said relatives of prisoners would be helped to take the bodies to their hometowns. The minister said that after taking control of the jail again by the police, guns, explosives and other weapons have been recovered from there. Officials said that 220 prisoners escaped during the violence, out of which 112 have been recaptured.

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316 prisoners died in 2020

Human rights group Amnesty International reported in March that at least 316 prisoners died in violent clashes in Ecuadorian prisons in 2020. Of these, 119 were killed in a riot in September that year.

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