Drugs, weapons, terror: The ‘spy’ of Kim Jong, who fled from North Korea, told horrifying things, dictators run the country with these black businesses

ड्रग्स, हथियार, आतंक: उत्तर कोरिया से भागने वाले किम जोंग के 'जासूस' ने बताई खौफनाक बातें, इन काले धंधों से देश चलाते हैं तानाशाह

Kim Jong’s spy made many important revelations (Revelations by Kim Jong Un’s Spy)

Illegal Activities in North Korea: A spy fleeing from North Korea has revealed the deep secrets of dictator Kim Jong Un. He is currently living in South Korea after escaping from the country. He has given an interview to a website, in which it has been told how Kim Jong is running the whole country with black businesses. Kim Kuk-song, who has served in high positions in North Korea’s powerful intelligence agencies for 30 years, said that ‘intelligence agencies are the eyes, ears and mind of the Supreme Leader (Kim Jong Un).’ He claimed that Kim Jong kills everyone who criticizes him.

Song told that Kim Jong has built an illegal drugs lab for money. This is happening for the first time, when such a senior official of North Korea is giving an interview. He said that North Korea is a country where even loyal people sitting in high ranks are at risk of life. He fled here in the year 2014 and since then has been living in Seoul and working with intelligence agencies of South Korea. North Korean dictators can do anything to make money. He works from drug dealing to selling arms in the Middle East and Africa. According to the detective, plans related to drugs and weapons are made in the capital Pyongyang.

Formation of Terror Task Force

In the year 2009, a new intelligence agency was formed in the country, which was named Reconnaissance General Bureau. After this, the Terror Task Force was formed to kill Hwang Jang-yop, a senior official who went to South Korea. It was led by Detective Song himself. Hwang Jang-yop was once the most powerful officer in the country. He is called the policy maker of North Korea. But when he went to South Korea in 1997, it became his biggest crime. Yop was a critic of the Kim regime and therefore wanted to take revenge on Kim Jong. But his assassination attempt went in vain.

terrorism a political tool

Two North Korean military majors were arrested in the case. Now both of them are serving 10 years imprisonment in Seoul. Pyongyang has dismissed these allegations (Terror in North Korea). Kim Kuk-song further said, ‘Terrorism in North Korea is a political tool, whose job is to protect the pride of Kim Jong Un and Kim Jong-il (Kim Jong Un’s father).’ In 2010, a South Korean military ship was attacked with an underwater weapon, in which 46 people died. North Korea was behind this too.

attacked South Korea

In November this year, dozens of shells were fired from North Korean artillery on the South Korean island of Yonpyong. In which two soldiers and two civilians died. There was a lot of debate over who ordered that attack (South Korea North Korea Fight). Kim Jong Un said he was “not directly involved in the attack on Cheonan or Yeonpyeong Island”, but for officials in the same country the attack “was not a secret and was carried out with pride.” Song told that such big attacks are always carried out only after the orders given from above. This means that the attack was ordered by Kim Jong. Song says, ‘Even a road in this country cannot be built without Kim Jong’s consent and it was a big attack.’

spies sent to south korea

Kim Jong says that one of his responsibilities in North Korea is to develop a strategy to deal with South Korea. Its purpose is ‘political subordination’. That is, sending spies there to gather information about South Korea. Song says, ‘There are many such cases, when I myself asked spies to go to South Korea and run operations through them. In one case, a North Korean agent had worked for five to six years in the South Korean presidential office, the Blue House, and returned safely to North Korea. This case dates back to the early 1990s. Such spies are also caught in South Korea every day.

Raised a large army of hackers

Kim Jong Un has also raised a large army of 6000 hackers. They have nothing to do with the increasing poverty in the country and the people dying of hunger there. Kuk-song explains that Kim Jong-il, the previous leader from Kim Jong-il, had ordered training of new personnel in the 1980s (North Korean Hackers). So that they can be prepared for cyber warfare. According to him, ‘For this, Morambong University admits talented students from all over the country and then they are given special education for six years.’ Hackers coming out of here carry out cyber attacks all over the world. Spy agents are in China, Russia and other South Asian countries and tell Kim Jong every important thing.

make money from the production of drugs

Kim has ordered a ‘revolutionary fund’ to be deposited to deal with the growing hunger in the country. Which means dealing in drugs illegally. Even during the famine in the 1990s, drug production had increased rapidly. Cook-Song himself has worked on it (Drug Dealings in North Korea). He told, ‘After getting the order, I called three foreigners to North Korea. Then a production base was set up at the Training Center of the Workers’ Party’s 715 Liaison Office and the production of drugs started there. That was ICE (crystal meth). Then we handed over the dollars earned from him to Kim Jong-il. Whatever money is earned in North Korea belongs only to the Supreme Leader and not to the people. With this money, the Kim family lives a life of luxury.

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