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Cyber ​​Attack: Big disclosure of US intelligence agency FBI, Russian hackers scanning systems of energy companies, increased risk of cyber attacks

Russian Hackers: Senior FBI official says that Russian hackers are scanning the systems of American companies. With which they are trying to find out the methods and vulnerabilities of their security.

Russian hackers scanning the systems of US energy companies

Image Credit source: AFP

The ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine (Russia Ukraine War) it has been more than a month. While on one side the soldiers are fighting among themselves, on the other hand another cyber war is going on. These battle hackers (Russia Cyber ​​Attacks) are fighting targeting each other’s country’s companies and government websites. In the latest case it has been found that hackers of Russia are now in Ukraine (UkraineAlong with this, those who support him are also targeting America. A recent report has revealed that Russian hackers are scanning the systems of energy companies and other critical infrastructure in the US.

A senior US intelligence agency Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) official said on Tuesday that Russian government-sponsored hacking is currently posing a threat to US national security. Brian Vorndran, assistant director of the FBI’s cyber division, said in a hearing before the US House of Representatives panel, “The threat from Russia is linked to criminal sentiment. This is a real and present threat to the country.

America had warned companies

After Russia attacked Ukraine, the US White House (President’s Office) and the Justice Department warned American companies, saying that Russia was taking preliminary steps to conduct possible cyber attacks. Vornadran has now told lawmakers that instances of Russian scanning networks in the US energy sector have increased recently. He said that with such activity Russia is trying to understand how that company protects itself and what are its weaknesses.

Told Russia a big cyber adversary

Vornadran said it was the most important part of all attacks. Russia is ‘one of the two most capable cyber adversaries we face globally’ and a ‘formidable enemy’. Last year, ahead of Russia’s attack on Ukraine, US President Joe Biden also warned Russian President Vladimir Putin that some critical infrastructure should be kept out of cyberattacks. Which is applicable to 16 types of infrastructure. Including the US Department of Homeland Security, which includes telecommunications, healthcare, food and energy.

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