Churches in France sexually abused 3,30,000 children, Pope Francis said – I am ashamed, I am sad

इस तरह के अपराधों को रोकने के लिए उठाए सख्त कदम, फ्रांस के चर्च में यौन उत्पीड़न मामले पर बोले पोप फ्रांसिस

Pope Francis expressed grief over church sexual abuse case

Pope Francis Expresses Shame Over France Church Abuse Scandal: Pope Francis on Wednesday expressed grief over the large number of child sexual abuse inside the church in France and said it was an “embarrassment” for him and the Roman Catholic Church. At the same time, he acknowledged the failure to meet the needs of the victims. In a report released on Tuesday, it was told that after 1950, about three lakh 30 thousand children were sexually abused by the clergy and other church officials.

The Pope expressed his embarrassment at the conversation during his regular audience talks at the Vatican. Francis said, ‘Unfortunately this is a very large number. I express my grief over the pain and trauma that the victims (French Catholic Church). It is a shame for me, a shame for us and it is the incompetence of the Church.’ He appealed to all bishops and religious leaders to take all necessary steps ‘so that such acts are not repeated again’.

70 years of sexual abuse

It has been reported in the report that about three thousand priests and other unknown people associated with the Catholic Church had sexually abused the children (Child Abuse in the Church). Jean-Marc Save, the chairman of the independent commission that released the findings, said on Tuesday that Catholic authorities “stepped up” over 70 years of sexual abuse. The victims welcomed the 2,500-page document and the head of France’s Catholic Bishops’ Organization apologized to them.

6500 people called

The report was released by the commission’s chairman, Jean-Marc Sauve. Olivier Savignac, head of the victims’ union ‘Parlor at Rivers’ (Speak Out and Live Again), contributed to the investigation. He told the news agency Associated Press that this high rate of victims is terrible for French society and the Catholic Church (Child Abuse in French Catholic Church). It took two and a half years for the commission to prepare the report. For this the statements of the victims and witnesses have been heard. When the investigation of the matter was started, the Holline was also issued. On which calls of about 6500 people came. These were people who were allegedly either victims or knew the victims.

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