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Chinese female spy in British Parliament! Britain’s intelligence agency’s warning created a stir, read the truth on which there is a ruckus

There is a Chinese Women Spy in the British Parliament! This sensational revelation has stirred the whole world. This has also been disclosed by the UK’s own intelligence agency MI5 (British Intelligence Agency MI5).

China’s female spy is active in British Parliament, intelligence agency M15 warned.

in the Parliament of Britain (British Parliament) Chinese Female Detective (Chinese  Women Spy in British Parliament) is present! This sensational revelation has stirred the whole world. It has also been disclosed that Britain’s intelligence agency MI 5, one of the few fast-paced intelligence agencies around the world.British Intelligence Agency MI 5) in one of his secret reports. Not only this, but the agency has also cautioned its Members of Parliament to keep a distance from such suspected female spy.

Britain’s intelligence agency made this disclosure in the House of Commons on Thursday. It was clearly written in the report that, a female Chinese agent has made a lot of inroads in the UK Parliament. Therefore, every member, employee associated with the country’s Parliament should be very careful. Ian Duncan Smith, a senior Conservative Party MP and critic of China, raised the issue vigorously in the context of a letter MI5 sent to the Speaker of the House of Commons, Sir Lindsay Hoyle. Then this matter became common. Otherwise, Britain’s main intelligence agency was keeping this thing a secret till now.

China has banned Duncan Smith

It is worth mentioning here that China has imposed all the sanctions on Duncan Smith to open his mouth against his attitude with the Uyghur minorities in the country’s troubled region of Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. In his statement to the House of Commons, Smith said, “I understand that MI5 had contacted the speaker. Now he is warning the members of Parliament that Chinese female agents are active in the UK Parliament. Which is working only with a Member of Parliament. Apparently this is an attempt to sabotage the processes here.”

Chinese spy serious talk in British Parliament

Reportedly, Smith continued, “I say that as a Member of Parliament to whom a Chinese agent is of serious concern,” according to a letter sent by Hoyle to Members of Parliament, he reportedly said that MI5 warned him. Granted, a woman named Christine Li was interfering in political activities on behalf of the Chinese Communist Party. She is associated with some of the Members of Parliament here. Britain’s intelligence agency MI5 has sent a warning as an “interference alert”. According to which, Christine Lee has provided financial donation facilities to members of Parliament serving and willing, on behalf of foreign nationals based in Hong Kong and China.

This inside thing also raises many questions

However, to hide all these transactions, the entire process has been kept very secret. Secretly played an important role in the seating. Hoyle has further said that if any of the MPs has contacted women like Lee, then that member should immediately contact the Director of Security of Parliament and make them aware of the whole thing. So that any serious situation can be controlled before it arises.

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