China US Relations: White House said on the deteriorating relationship between China and America – US hopes to compete in a responsible manner

China US Relations: चीन और अमेरिका के बिगड़ते रिश्ते पर बोला व्हाइट हाउस- US को जिम्मेदार तरीके से प्रतिस्पर्धा की उम्मीद

White House Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre

China US Relations: The ongoing dispute between China and America on various issues is not hidden from anyone. There is a war of words between the two countries. Competition is also being seen between the two big economies of the world in almost every case (China US Competition). In this matter, it has now been said by the White House that the US is looking forward to competing with China in a responsible manner. This statement comes at a time when the two countries have agreed to hold an online summit at the leadership level before the end of this year.

“We don’t want a dispute with China, we expect competition,” White House deputy press secretary Kerin Jean-Pierre told reporters on board the official Air Force One plane with US President Joe Biden on his way to Chicago. (China US Conflict Latest News) and we want to do it in a responsible manner. A day earlier, White House officials had informed about the meeting of US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan with a Chinese official.

agreed on online summit

The White House said Sullivan and Chinese Communist Party politburo member and director of the Foreign Affairs Commission’s Office Yang Jiechi had agreed to an online summit between Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping during a meeting in Zurich. Joe Biden Xi Jinping Talks). Jean-Pierre said the Biden administration believes that leadership-level relationships are essential and an important part of their effort to manage competition responsibly.

A wide range of topics were discussed in the meeting

He said, ‘Jake Sullivan’s meeting with his counterpart in Zurich was cordial. The talks were very clear and on a wide range of topics. Earlier, Biden had a long conversation with the Chinese President over the phone on 9 September. This conversation took place in the case of Taiwan. China celebrated its National Day (China Taiwan Issue) last week. And from this day onwards, he started sending a record number of fighter planes towards Taiwan. Biden spoke to Jinping about Chinese aggression and told that the Taiwan Agreement has been agreed between the two countries.

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