China imposed lockdown in Gulja of Xinjiang, sealed the doors from outside, life was difficult

चीन ने झिंजियांग के गुलजा में लगाया लॉकडाउन, दरवाजे बाहर से कर दिए सील, जीना हुआ मुहाल

China increased surveillance of people on the pretext of Corona (Surveillance System of China) – symbolic picture

Chinese authorities have imposed lockdowns and other stringent restrictions in the city of Gulza due to a rise in cases of the deadly corona infection, adding to food and drinking problems for Uighurs living in the area. People living in the remote northern Xinjiang city of Gulza have expressed concern on social media about the COVID rules, as it is causing them more difficulty. Many families have already been devastated by the system of camps first set up for China’s Uighur Muslims. Radio Free Asia reported that they have been denied their earners.

The residents of Gulja also said that their doors have been locked from outside and they are stuck in their homes for at least a week. A resident said, “The doors are locked, they have been sealed and we are not being allowed to come out. According to the report of Radio Free Asia, due to the sudden lockdown imposed by the Chinese authorities, it has become difficult for people to go out and shop for food. A person from the Uighur community wrote, ‘Be brave, my people of Gulja, who are stuck in their homes since 3rd October.’ Especially those people who are dependent on daily income, be patient. According to the Global Times report, a week ago, China’s Fujian province also reported more than 150 cases of COVID-19. Which prompted the authorities to close schools in many cities.

China is preventing WHO from going to these caves

China is preventing the World Health Organization from visiting caves and fields with bats near Wuhan. It is believed that these places located in Wuhan can provide important evidence in tracing the origin of COVID-19. WHO scientists want to visit caves and wildlife farming areas located in the Enshi area of ​​Hubei province. It is located six hours away from the area of ​​the city where the first case of corona virus was reported.

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