British Home Minister Priti Patel wants a special law against molestation of women in public places, but Boris Johnson is becoming a hindrance

पब्लिक प्लेस पर महिलाओं से छेड़छाड़ के खिलाफ स्पेशल कानून चाहती हैं ब्रिटिश गृह मंत्री प्रीति पटेल, लेकिन रुकावट बन रहे बोरिस जॉनसन

Britain’s Home Minister Priti Patel and Prime Minister Boris Johnson (Priti Patel-Boris Johnson)

Priti Patel Want Special Law Against Women Molestation: Recently, attacks on women have intensified on the streets of London. Due to the increasing violence against women in the country, there is a lot of fear about security. Meanwhile, there is news that UK Home Minister Priti Patel wants to introduce a special law to deal with harassment of women and girls in public places. This information has been received from the news of the UK media on Sunday.

According to the ‘Observer’ news, it is understood that Home Department officials are conducting a legal review to make molestation in public place a crime in itself, which includes all forms of behavior that makes women uncomfortable in public places. (Tension Between Boris Johnson Priti Patel). It is reported that Patel is concerned that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is not in favor of the idea of ​​introducing such a special law as he considers the existing law sufficient to deal with the issue.

Tension between Boris Johnson and Priti Patel

The newspaper quoted sources as saying that due to this issue some tension has arisen between the Prime Minister and the Home Minister of Indian origin. An unnamed source is quoted in the newspaper as saying that Boris Johnson has been described as the keeper of this law (UK Women Safety Issue). Crimes against women in the country have been hotly debated after 33-year-old Sarah Everard was abducted, raped and later murdered by a police officer earlier this year. Last month, convicted police officer Wayne Coojans was sentenced to life imprisonment.

‘Walk Me Home’ service will start by Christmas

About six months after the same incident, i.e. on September 17, 28-year-old school teacher Sabina Nessa was also murdered. She had gone to meet a friend at a distance from her house. Later his body was found in a park. Since then the discussion about women’s safety has intensified in the country (Sabina Nessa Case). The CEO of Britain’s largest phone company ‘BT’ wrote a letter to Priti Patel. In which ‘Walk Me Home’ service was offered. This service is for the safety of women living alone. Patel has also taken a positive stance regarding its use. The ‘Walk Me Home’ service is expected to start in Christmas.

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