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Britain accuses Russia of hacking satellite internet, said – did this at the beginning of the war

satellite internet hacking in ukraine

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Viasat was attacked as soon as Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine, which many consider to be the largest cyber attack of any war to date.

Russia has been accused of hacking satellite internet over the Russo-Ukraine war. USA, UK, (Britain) Canada, Estonia and the European Union allege massive cyber attacks against Internet networks in Ukraine (Cyber ​​Attack) Russia was behind this, which took thousands of modems offline at the start of the Russo-Ukraine War. The digital attack against Viasat’s Ka-Sat network in late February happened just as Russian armor did in Ukraine (Ukarine) was pushed in. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said the cyberattack was aimed “to disrupt Ukrainian command and control during the offensive, and impacted other European countries.”

British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss called the satellite Internet hack intentional and malicious, and the Council of the European Union said it caused “indiscriminate communication outages” in Ukraine and several EU member states. The Viasat outage remains the most publicly visible cyberattack since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, as the hack had immediate knock-on consequences for satellite Internet users across Europe. The satellite modem-devastating cyber attack remains the most visible hack of the war. Moscow regularly denies that it conducts aggressive cyber operations.

How did you come to know about the cyber attack?

A modem is a type of hardware device used to send data to a computer via cable or telephone. The owner of the US-based ViaSat issued a statement giving the first information about the cyberattack and how Russia and Ukraine became aware of the most serious known cyber attack of the war. This massive attack affected users from Poland to France. Attacks reported as access to thousands of wind turbines disrupted in Central Europe

At the same time, two months ago, Western intelligence agencies started investigating the cyber attack affecting Viasat. Due to which communication came to a standstill across Europe. Viasat spokesman Chris Phillips said, ‘We believe this was a deliberate, isolated and external cyber incident.’ Viasat officials told Air Force Magazine that the attack was carried out by compromising the system that manages satellite terminals. The cyber attack affected broadband internet connections of thousands of people in European countries.

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