Big reveal! Mossad’s ‘target’ was Pakistani nuclear scientist Abdul Qadir Khan, every visit was kept under watch

पाकिस्तान के लिए परमाणु हथियार बनाने वाले अब्दुल कादिर खान का निधन, भारत से था गहरा नाता

Dr. Abdul Qadir Khan (File Photo)

A sensational disclosure has been made about Abdul Qadir Khan, the nuclear scientist who made Pakistan a nuclear bomb. According to an Israeli investigative journalist, if Israel had come to know about Abdul Qadir’s intention to prepare an atomic bomb at the right time, Shabtai Shavit, the former head of Mossad, would have killed the scientist. would have sent a team for Abdul Qadir Khan died on Sunday at the age of 85 after his health deteriorated.

Israeli investigative journalist Yossi Melman wrote in Haaretz Daily, Abdul Qadir gave Pakistan nuclear bombs, stole and sold nuclear secrets, made money from a shadowy global proliferation network, to Iran. Helped to go the nuclear route, helped Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi with his reactor ambitions. Even after this, instead of being killed by the Israeli spy agency Mossad, he died by natural means.

Mossad was eyeing Abdul Qadir’s visits to the Middle East

Abdul Qadir is identified as the father of Pakistan’s nuclear bomb. He died on Sunday in Islamabad after a long illness. In an article titled ‘How Pakistan A Q Khan, Father of the Muslim Bomb, Escaped Mossad Assassination’, Melman wrote, Mossad noted Abdul Qadir’s extensive travels in the Middle East. But his intention to create a shadowy dissemination network was not properly recognized.

…then Mossad’s team would have reached for the murder.

Mailman wrote, ‘At the time, Israel’s intelligence agency, led by Mossad chief Shabtai Shavit, kept an eye on Abdul Qadir’s travelers in the area. But Shavit told me a decade and a half ago that Mossad and Aman (Israeli military intelligence) did not understand what Qadir was doing. He wrote, ‘Shavit said that if he and his associates had correctly understood Qadir’s intentions, he would have sent a Mossad team to kill him. In this way the course of history itself would have been changed. At least the perspective of Israel-Iran relations would have changed.

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