Belarus-Russia military exercise, stir in neighboring countries seeing modern weapons, Putin said – military drill is defensive

बेलारूस-रूस का सैन्य अभ्यास, आधुनिक हथियारों को देख पड़ोसी मुल्कों में हलचल, पुतिन बोले- रक्षात्मक है मिलिट्री ड्रिल

Russian President Vladimir Putin may reach the military site to meet soldiers on Monday.

Belarus-Russia military exercise

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko, wearing a military uniform, arrived on Sunday to watch the ongoing Zapad military exercises with Russia. During this, Lukashenko announced that Belarus wants to buy weapons worth one billion dollars (Rs 7300 crore) from Russia by 2025. This military exercise is taking place at a military site near the city of Baranovichi in western Belarus.

Alexander Lukashenko has been the President of Belarus since 1994. Lukashenko praised the readiness of Russian and Belarusian troops and said the two countries were ready to face a “hybrid attack” from the West. The live fire drill is the result of a week’s exercise. This military exercise will end this week. Russian President Vladimir Putin may reach the military site to meet soldiers on Monday.

Military exercise stirred neighboring countries

More than 200,000 soldiers are involved in the Zapad military exercise and due to this there is a lot of tension in the neighboring countries of Ukraine and Poland. For the first time since the fall of communism in 1989, Poland has declared a state of emergency along its eastern border due to military exercises. On the eve of the exercise, Putin said Zapad is a defensive exercise, not an offensive one. At the same time, Lukashenko repeated the same thing on Sunday. Lukashenko said, we are not targeting neighboring countries with our rockets. This is for your own protection.

Belarus eye to buy S-400 air defense system from Russia

On Thursday of last week, Putin and Lukashenko met in the Kremlin for seven hours and discussed greater partnership between the two countries. Lukashenko later said that the defense talks were discussed half the time in this meeting. During this, Belarus expressed its desire to buy the S-400 air defense system. On November 4, Putin is expected to sign several agreements to deepen ties between the two countries during his visit to the Belarusian capital, Minsk. The Russian Defense Ministry said all soldiers involved in Zapad would return to their bases by mid-October.

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