At the behest of the father, the Islamic school gave a terrible punishment to the girl, four male teachers surrounded and beat, the crowd remained spectator

पिता के कहने पर इस्लामिक स्कूल ने लड़की को दी खौफनाक सजा, चार पुरुष शिक्षकों ने घेरकर पीटा, तमाशबीन बनी रही भीड़

Girl Whipped by Teachers in Islamic School Photo – Twitter

Girl Whipped by Islamic School Teachers: A surprising case has come to light from the African country of Nigeria. In an Islamic school here, four teachers together beat up a lonely girl with sticks. That too in front of the girl’s father. According to the information, the girl’s father caught her drinking, after which he himself told the teachers that his daughter should be beaten (School Teachers Beat Girl). The video of this incident is quite shocking and is also becoming quite viral on social media.

In which four male teachers are seen beating a single girl together. He is holding sticks in his hands and the girl is made to sit in the middle. The four men are beating the girl while doing rounds. A crowd of people gathered at the spot and no one came forward to save the girl (Islamic School Punishments). The girl is wearing a hijab and she was seen raising her hands several times to protect herself. But still no one’s heart breaks. She is beaten so much that even her hijab came off and fell down.

Father himself asked to punish

According to the Daily Mail report, the girl’s father has said that he had seen a video of his daughter allegedly drinking alcohol. After which he himself approved to beat him up. He said, ‘I told the school about that incident and personally asked them to give strict punishment (Girl Whipped by Teachers). I also told him to stay there even when he is beaten up. According to the report, the girl was drinking alcohol at a birthday party with four students. Boys are also included in these four people. But all of them have refused to drink alcohol.

school principal suspended

A boy has also been beaten up a lot for being related to this incident. People are demanding action against the school on social media. According to local media, the principal of the school, located in Kwara State, Nigeria, has been suspended while the students are being treated. The school has defended the punishment. He says that he had parental approval (Islamic Law For Alcohol Consumption). The school also said that the punishment was in accordance with Islamic law. At the same time, the local government issued a statement saying that the investigation has been started and a panel will look after it. In which ‘Muslim scholars, leaders and government officials are included’.

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