Angela Merkel arrived in Israel on her last official visit, what did she say on ‘Palestine’, which angered the Israeli PM

अपने आखिरी आधिकारिक दौरे पर इजरायल पहुंचीं एंजेला मर्केल, 'फलस्तीन' पर ऐसा क्या कह दिया, जिससे गुस्सा हो गए इजरायली पीएम

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Israel’s Prime Minister Naftali Bennett

German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Isreal: German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who arrived in Israel on Sunday on her last official visit to her term, was warmly received, but soon the two close allies saw a rift between Iran’s nuclear program and the Palestinian state. Differences arose over the issue of formation. Merkel said Germany was committed to reviving the international nuclear deal with Iran, which Israel opposed.

He also said that Germany believes the two-state doctrine is the best solution to ending Israel’s decades-long conflict with Palestine. In a joint press conference with Israeli Prime Minister Angela Merkel Naftali Bennett, Merkel said, “Personally at this time, I believe that even though there is almost an atmosphere of hopelessness in the current environment, the two-state solution should be negotiated.” It should not be separated from the table, it should not be buried. And Palestinians should be able to live safely in one state.

Bennett opposed the state of Palestine

Merkel also said that settling Israeli settlements on the occupied land, which the Palestinians claim, would not prove helpful. Bennett, who allegedly played a role in the settlement of illegal settlements, opposed the establishment of the state of Palestine and immediately responded (Two Nation Theory Palestine). “Our experience is that the establishment of a state of Palestine would mean the establishment of a terrorist state just seven minutes away from my home and near any center in Israel,” he said.

Disagreement between the two over Palestine

Describing himself as a “practical person”, the prime minister stressed that he was prepared to take steps to improve the living standards of Palestinians in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. Palestine during Merkel’s two-day visit is one of the few issues on which Germany and Israel disagreed, while Merkel’s 16-year tenure was marked by Germany’s unwavering support to Israel (Angela Merkel on Palestine issue). The two leaders are expected to focus on Iran’s nuclear program and have vowed to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. However, both the leaders have different opinion about its method.

Germany played an important role in the agreement

Germany played a key role with Iran in the 2015 international nuclear deal with world powers, also known as the JCPOA. Merkel said, ‘I never considered the JCPOA to be ideal, but it is better than no agreement (Iran Nuclear Deal). He said the situation is “very serious” as Iran continues to enrich uranium. Merkel called on the powers involved in the deal, including Russia and China, to discuss the issue. At the same time, Bennett said, ‘There is no point in appeasing the Iranians. They are taking reconciliation as a weakness.

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