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America’s doors open for people who have had both doses of COVID-19 vaccine, will be able to travel from November 8

America banned travel in the year 2020.

The US has opened its doors to visitors who have taken both doses of the corona virus vaccine. The White House has announced on Friday that fully-vaccinated visitors can come to the country from November 8.

Three days ago there were reports in the US media that foreign tourists who have taken both doses of a vaccine recognized by the US Food and Drug Administration or the World Health Organization (WHO), are allowed to come to the US from November. This news was given by the media, quoting the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

was banned for 19 months

The US closed its borders to all tourists in the year 2020 at the start of the Corona virus epidemic. At that time the entry of people coming from Europe, India, Brazil and China was stopped from the US side. America has now changed this policy after about 19 months. Under the new system, people who have been vaccinated and have come COVID negative 72 hours before boarding a flight to America, will be allowed to board the flight. Foreign tourists who have not been vaccinated will not be given entry. At the same time, Americans who do not get the vaccine will need a negative COVID-19 test.

Travel rules will change

From November 8, the rules of air travel in the US will also change. The land border with Canada and Mexico has already been announced to open. AstraZenca, which has received approval from WHO, and vaccines prepared by China’s Shinopharm Group and Sinovac Biotech Ltd, which have not been approved by the US, people taking doses of these vaccines will also be able to go to America. So far it is not clear what America will do to those people who have got two mixed vaccine shots i.e. two different vaccines.

Airline companies happy with announcement

The move was announced for the first time on September 20 by the administration of President Joe Biden. But it was not told when the new system would be effective. Airlines that were banned during the coronavirus pandemic have appreciated the move. Transatlantic flights flying between the US and Europe are the only companies that have benefited the most.

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