America mistakenly killed 10 innocents including 7 children in ‘drone attack’, the families of the victims said – ‘Apology is not enough’

अमेरिका ने गलती से ‘ड्रोन हमले’ में 7 बच्चों सहित 10 बेगुनाहों को मार दिया, पीड़ितों का परिवार बोला- ‘माफी काफी नहीं’

US Airstrike Afghanistan: America carried out airstrike in Afghanistan after the terrorist attack on Kabul Airport. At first he said that Islamic State terrorists had been killed in it, but now admitted that innocent Afghan civilians were killed in the attack.

The wreckage of the vehicle that the US attacked while targeting is visible in the picture (US Airstrike in Afghanistan)

Innocent Afghans Including Children Killed in US Drone Attack: Those who lost their lives in a US drone strike in Afghanistan have said that it is not enough to apologize in this case, the culprits should be investigated and punished. In this attack, 10 members of his family including seven children were killed (US Drone Attack in Afghanistan). Amal Ahmadi’s 3-year-old daughter, Malika, died on 29 August when a US Hellfire missile hit her older brother’s car.

Ahmadi told the Associated Press on Saturday that the family is demanding an investigation by the US into who fired the missile and that they have called for the military personnel responsible for the attack to be punished. He said, ‘It is not enough for us to just express regret. America has to find out those who carried out this attack. Ahmadi said the family is also demanding financial compensation for their loss (America Airstrike in Afghanistan). He demanded that many members of the family should be sent to some third country and the name of that country should not be made public.

America apologizes for mistake

The US military has admitted that a deadly drone strike a few days before the withdrawal of its troops from Afghanistan was its “catastrophic mistake” as it killed 10 innocent Afghans, including seven children, instead of ISIS-K terrorists. Civilians were killed. The commander of the US Central Command, General Kenneth Frank McKenzie, also told reporters on the results of the investigation into the August 29 attack that the vehicles damaged and killed in the drone strike belonged to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant-Khorasan (ISIS-K). It was not expected to be associated with or pose any direct threat to the US military.

What did the US say in defense of the attack?

McKenzie said, however, that the attack should be understood only in the context of the ground situation at Hamid Karzai International Airport after the Islamic State attack (US Conducts Airstrikes in Afghanistan). 13 American soldiers were killed and more than 100 civilians lost their lives in the attack on the airport. Simultaneously, intelligence officials had indicated another such attack. General McKenzie said that after reviewing the results of the investigation in detail, he agreed that the Hellfire missile attack in Kabul on August 29 killed 10 civilians, including seven children, which is tragic.

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