America lost a big ‘war’ with China, Pentagon official resigned in protest, blaming companies like Google

चीन से एक बड़ी 'जंग' हारा अमेरिका, पेंटागन के अधिकारी ने विरोध जताते हुए दिया इस्तीफा, गूगल जैसी कंपनियों को ठहराया जिम्मेदार

China overtakes America in cyber race (US China Cyber ​​Race)

US Lost AI War With China Says Former Officer: America has been left behind in the ongoing competition with China. This claim has been made by Nicholas Challan, a senior official at the Pentagon, the headquarters of the US Department of Defense. He says that America has lost to China in the war of Artificial Intelligence. Protesting this, 37-year-old Challan resigned from his post. He was the first Chief Software Officer of the Pentagon so far. He says that the pace of technological change in the US military is very slow.

In his first interview after resigning, Nicolas Challan said, “For the next 15 to 20 years, we do not have a chance to fight a competitive war against China.” For now, we are defeated, according to me the war is over. Whether to wage war or not is a different matter. Challan worked for three years for the Pentagon’s project to enhance cyber security. He was the first Chief Software Officer for the Air Force (US China Cyber ​​War). Now he says that China has won over America and is moving towards dominating the world due to its technological development.

Challan will testify in US Congress

Challan said he would testify in the US Congress in the coming weeks about the Chinese cyber threat. According to intelligence estimates from Western countries, China, the world’s second-largest economy, is likely to dominate several major emerging technologies, particularly artificial intelligence, synthetic biology, and genetics, within a decade (China US Artificial Intelligence War). . Nicolas Challan said that China is ready to dominate the future, controlling everything from media narrative to geopolitics.

Companies like Google were held responsible

He attributed this to slow innovation, the reluctance of US companies like Google to work with the government on AI, and the widespread debate over the ethics of the technology. Challan said Chinese companies are obliged to work with their government and are “investing heavily” in AI regardless of ethics (US China Coflict). Whereas in some US government departments, cyber security is only at the ‘kindergarden level’. An Air Force Department spokesman said US Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall discussed his recommendations for the department’s future software development following Challan’s resignation and thanked him for his contribution.

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