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America blacklisted eight Chinese companies, accused of helping the Chinese Army

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There is constant tension between America and China (US-China tensions). Tension is increasing due to the steps being taken by both Washington and Beijing. At the same time, now the US government on Wednesday allegedly put many Chinese companies in its trade blacklist (US Blacklist Chinese Companies). According to Reuters, the US said that these companies are helping to develop the Chinese military’s quantum computing efforts.

Eight Chinese companies have been blacklisted for their alleged role in aiding the Chinese military and for attempting to acquire US-origin goods to support military applications. US Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo said in a statement that blacklisting these companies would help the country’s technology to block the military development of China and Russia. Apart from this, Pakistan’s unsafe nuclear activities or ballistic missile program will also be stopped. Even before this, such allegations have been made against Chinese companies.

China said this on blacklisting

The Chinese Embassy in Washington opposed the blacklisting move. Embassy spokesman Liu Pengyu said the US uses the national security catch-all concept and abuses its power to control Chinese companies by all possible means. He said that America needs to meet China instead of moving on the wrong path. This development comes at a time when both the countries are face to face with each other on Taiwan’s status and trade issues.

Altogether 27 companies were blacklisted

During the recent virtual meeting between US President Joe Biden and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping, the two leaders discussed trade among many other topics. Meanwhile, apart from the eight blacklisted Chinese companies, many other companies have also been put in the list. Altogether 27 new companies have been included in the list. It also has companies from Pakistan, Japan and Singapore. The US says that these steps are to prevent China from acquiring advanced weapons through technology. However, now the possibility of escalation of controversy has also increased.

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